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How do I fill in an open work permit application?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Flakkarin, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Hi.
    I will soon be travelling to Edmonton on a phd 4-year study permit, and wish to bring my Common-law partner with me. However, we had only lived together 10 months when I applied for my permit, but will have lived together for 12 by the time I leave for Canada, so we were advised that he could apply for the open work permit at this later date seperately. I am from the UK and my other half is from FInland, so we are both from visa exempt countries.

    My question is, how do you fill in an open work application?? Is it just a normal temporary work form? But then what do you put when it asks for details of the employer?

    Sorry if this is a basic question, but I can't seem to find the answer elsewhere online - thanks for indulging a newbie :)
  2. Ok, can someone please tell me what's wrong with my request? It's just whenever I lok online all I see is 'You can apply for and open work permit IF you fulful thisandthis' but there's never a HOW you apply.

    If no-one has the patience to type a reply can someone at least provide a link where I can actually find out how to apply for an open work permit??
  3. Hi

    1. Well first you need the declaration of the common/law union where you have to prove that you actually are common/law rather that just living together.
    2. If your c/law spouse is accompanying you s/he applies at the port of entry at the same time you get your study permit. There are no forms to complete it is done at the port of entry. Only if s/he applies in Canada does s/he complete the application and send it to Vegreville, with proof of your status and the c/law.
    3. Read http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5409E.PDF

  4. Firstly thanks for replying.

    It's not the common-law union form that's the main problem, it's the actual work permit form (although I do have a problem in that we don't have a joint rent/property/bank account etc., all we have to prove we live together is the same address on bank statements etc., and that I pay him half the rent) We can't apply together at port of entry as he can't come to Canada until 2 months after me.
    Faced with such possible obstacles, I'd really rather apply for the work permit before he actually boards a plane! But do I just fill in a normal temporary work permit form and put 'not applicable' where it asks for employer?
  5. Hi

    You can try, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It is easier at the POE, he has proof of the c/law and a copy of your study permit. He couldn't apply before you arrive in Canada, and he would need a copy of your study permit and the processing in London would be about 6 weeks if you are lucky.

  6. Thanks,

    I should get my study permit within the next four weeks (fingers crossed) so then we were thinking to attempt to apply for his work permit. If his permit gets refused at this try, could he try again at POE, or is that out of the question?
  7. Hi PMM,

    It sounds like I will obtain my spouse's OWP at the POE. Do I pay for my spouse's OWP (the $150 fee) at the same time as my TWP application OR at the POE?

    Thank you!
  8. Hi Flakkarin,

    I am in the same situation as you described and am wondering how it worked out for you. When you arrived in Canada and received your study permit at the airport, what did your partner have to do at that point? Was it challenging? I would appreciate any advice you have to give. Thank you.
  9. Hi

    I am apply for PR y I need to send my OWP at the same time, but in the forms IMM 1249, ask me for dates, I'm no sure if I can leave blank or not, 'cause I have not signed a new contrat with my employers yet, so I don't have idea If they I wanna a contract for 1 o 2 years, for that my question, please help me!

    Thank you :)
  10. Hi Marianella,

    Are you under Live-In Caregiver Program?

  11. Hi Plussy,

    yes!! I am working under Live-in Caregiver Program, and My apply is under Option 2 as well (3900 hrs), Can you help me please?
  12. Hi Marianella,

    I am not an expert but will try my best. Its your option if you'll agree or disagree or maybe someone will post a better explanation. :)

    Re IMM 1249 Section D Box 10, click "Extend My Stay in Canada until" and place the expiration date of your current passport (as this is where they base the validity of your stay. Just be sure that the date is way beyond the current processing time) AND also click the last box "Change Conditions" (coz you are applying for an Open Work Permit). Answer also "for the following reasons" State that you have finished Live In Caregiver Program and is now applying for OWP and PR.

    OAN: HRSDC Confirmation is positive LMO.

    Hope this helps. :)
  13. you can read the instruction on the PR Appilcation guide kit
    Appendix A - Issuance or Renewal of Work Permits (Including Open Work
    Permits) in Canada

    What is an open work permit and am I eligible to apply for one?

    An open work permit allows you to accept employment and to work for any employer for the time period specified on the work permit. It can only be granted once you have received first stage approval (approval in principle) of your application for permanent residence. You should submit your application for an open work permit (IMM 1249) together with your application for permanent residence (IMM 0008). Write ―open work permit‖ at the top of your
    application (IMM 1249).
  14. Thank you for your help guys :D

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