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How can we check the visit/work permit visa online

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by allbasha, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. hello
    Iam new bee here
    can you please help me to check the visit or workpermit visa genuine. as most of the agents getting out the visit visa saying genuine we want to check them online
    i hope PMM will help me

  2. Hi

    Unless you have a particularly complicated issue you could simply apply yourself directly with CIC. All the guides and forms are available on-line to download and it would be much cheaper for you.

    Otherwise if you feel you must use an agent, you should know that Migration Consultants and Lawyers must be registered either with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) or with a law society/bar of a Canadian province.

    Go to the CSIC website here http://www.csic-scci.ca/find/ to search for agents both in and out of Canada.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thankyou GDAYMATE for your reply
    infact iam looking for the website where we can check the issued visa online that is genuene or not.
    i got one agency from delhi(India) who is dealing for canada unskilled workers. this agency took the pasport and get visa sticker on the passport. before Travel to canada we need to check the visa if it is genuene or not

    please help me

  4. Go to your local Canadian embassy or consulate and ask them.
  6. infact iam looking for the website where we can check the issued visa online
  8. Same problem here..... I'm from Bangladesh. I have got my CSQ, LMO, Work Permit and Immigration Clearance earlier. After that my agent took my passport, all papers and applied in CIC USA for visa. After few days I've received my passport with the visa. Now how can or where can I clarify this VISA is genuine or not?????

    Someone help me please...... urgently.....

  9. Re: How can we check the temperory work permit is genuene or not?

    my self DURGA PRASAD

    Iam new been here

    dear friends i want your help one month before i involved in canada job offer through an agency by online now its almost all reached to final stage, i received the scan copies of CAQ , LMIA, from the agency AND recently i got Temperory work permit (TWP) also now the agent asking me pay some amount to get visa at canada Embassy which is in new delhi, i moved this process by onlineonly, still i confusing with this all firstly i want to know all this documents are TRUE OR NOT iam asking you all how to verify these 3 documents if anybody know about please send me the links to Email prasadnani7@gmail.com or post here also can

  10. i am mohammaad arif.l got from my employer offer letter ,caq form,lamia form and work permit.pls how can i check my work permit genuine or fake.pls reply me

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