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Help! Work Permit expires when PR is still in processing ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by verybuxom, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Hello, I am now working with an open work permit and I will apply for PR under CEC soon.

    Since the process may take months, what should I do if my work permit expires before I receive the result of my PR application ?
    I would prefer to stay in Canada to wait for the result.

    I know one possible option is to change my status to visit but how do I do that? Can someone give me some links? (I did look over immigration canada's website but it seems there is only information about vistor's visa which doesn't fit my situation.)

    Also, my passport will also expire in about 6 months after I can apply for PR under CEC. Should I renew my passport before I apply for PR or after ? (I can only renew my passport 6 months before it expires and it will take 1 month to receive the new passport.)

    Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated ! Thanks you !
  2. To change your status to visitor, you can use this change of status form: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/extend-worker.asp

    As for the passport, it might be simpler to renew it first and wait a month to apply but if you can't wait to apply, you can do that first, then renew passport and as soon as you have a file number, let them know that you have renewed it.
  3. Hello, Leon, thanks for your reply! It really helps!

    One more question. Will it be difficult for me to change my status to visitor? Is there any chance of being rejected?

    Thank you!
  4. Yes, there is a chance of being rejected. You still need to prove that you will leave if you don't get your PR and that you have funds to support yourself. It will however buy you time because the processing time for change of status is right now 2 months. You have implied status while you wait.

    If you are visa exempt, you could also skip applying and see if you can just go to the US at the expiry of your work permit and come back as a visitor. If you are lucky, they will give you 6 months.
  5. Hi, Leon, again thanks for your reply!

    After reading your reply, I think I will apply for PR first and then renew my passport.

    In your first reply, what do you mean by "file number" ? Is there anyway that after applying for PR, I can send another package, which includes the copies of my new passport, to Immigration Canada so that they can add it to my original application?

    And will this have negative effect on my PR application process ?

    Thank you !
  6. I was in the same situation w.r.t passport. I applied for PR waited for file number and the next day sent my passport. I doubt that they would be able to locate your application and then add your passport without any reference number. My advice would be apply for PR next renew your passport asap by the time you get you passport you would have file number as well and later update consulate asap.
  7. Hi, Natali, thanks for you advise!

    I am not familiar with the process. Do you mind to tell me once you get your file number, how do you update the consulate ?
    Do you just send them another package with the file number written on it?

    Thank you !
  8. what is was told by CIC people is that write a cover letter that outlines your dob, old passport number, new passport number, client id if applicable, and file number and send them a copy of new passport.

    I sent them through mail and on the envelop, i puta file number that they provide in the form of sticker. As Embassy said put a sticker on top of an envelop when corresponding with consulate regarding application.

    I hope this helps.
  9. Yes, Natali, your reply really helps!

    Thanks a lot!

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