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Health Care for visitor at Quebec no insurance

Discussion in 'Health' started by _696_, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I am currently staying in Quebec on implied status and waiting for the extension of my TRV. At the moment I'm in the need to see a doc and I do not have any private coverage.

    Thing being I need to renew some prescriptions now that I'm staying for a longer while in here, talked to the pharmaceutics and they said go get an appointment with any doc, you'll have to wait but that's it. I thought I would be able to just go and pay at a private centre for the services but after calling to try and get an appointment, it seems that I need to have some sort of insurance.

    I am hoping that at least I will be able to get assistance at the hosp and get a bill but I'm not so sure. Had anybody in here gone through something like this or does anybody know how it exactly works here in Quebec if you are not insured?

  2. Not sure about Quebec, but in Ontario when I needed some med's (while on a TRV) I went to a walk in clinic, paid the fee to see the doctor, took the prescription he gave me and paid for the med's at the local shoppers drug mart.

    No idea where you are based but you can always try checking this list:

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