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Discussion in 'International Students' started by Ashwini kerai, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    I request you that if you could please try and help me out, It will be of great help if you can contribute any relevant information you have regarding my queries as below;

    Firstly, I want to go to Canada during september, 2016 for further studies after I am done with the 9 ACCA papers, that is in June, 2016 and I shall as well apply for the OBU degree, which hopefully if I pass, I shall be awarded with it on 21st September, 2016. (Period 31)

    Since there are no universities or institutions that teach ACCA in Canada, therefore, I will need to opt in for a bachelor’s degree, but I will if all goes fine, I will have a OBU degree in September, but it will be late because I will need to have applied before If I wish to join for September intake to give time for student visa procedures as well.

    Therefore, my question is, should I wait for January, 2017, & apply for masters after this degree or should I try and get admissions in another degree and try to claim transfer credits/ exemptions because bachelor’s are 4 years. Regarding masters, I am unaware if I will be eligible for masters after this degree because their system is totally different, as their requirements are very many, they need 4 years bachelor’s, 150 credit hours!! Which I don’t know if the OBU is equivalent to or not! Plus most even need 2 year work experience which unfortunately I lack. As well I am sure they won’t give me a direct entry, because I will have to study some courses like their tax and law papers before masters And the list just goes on!

    Hence, please suggest me what should I consider doing? Another bachelor’s or I wait until 2017 and apply for masters, I dont even know if OBU degree is of any value in Canada or not, anyones in canada who’s really got knowledge about this, please share any information or advice because I am really confused. Or should I apply in another country if not Canada?! Any ideas or advises on what I can do will be of great help.
    Thank you

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