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Got Offer Letter :Centennial College

Discussion in 'International Students' started by makz, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have received an offer letter from Centennial College. For the Second time, since I could not go for the Summer 2010 intake. The offer letter is for a FAST TRACK program. I am a B.Com graduate from the Univ. of Madras (Distance). And I also took the IELTS test last year in Nov. and got an overall score if 8.0.

    My question is that is it possible for me to extend my Student Visa after I complete this FAST TRACK program so that I have a chance to study in Canada beyond the 7 months period of this FAST TRACK program. I planning to do another 1 Year program from Centennial after this FAST TRACK program is completed, So that I can apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit. I will be availing the Student Loan from the Bank of Baroda. And generally speaking what are the chances of your Student Visa being extended.

    And my Passport will be expiring in April 2011.

    If there is anything that I need to share with you guys please tell me.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Hey Makz

    Buddy you are free to pursue another course after your PG cert. if you like or you can always move to another course i.e pursue a 2/3 year diploma once you are in canada. The only problem is getting visa while we are in india-so at present we all gotta show to the embassy that whatever course we doing is the progression of what we have done earlier but after geting visa it aint a problem..i know people who have changed their course after landing in canada and extended their visa without any problem. so dnt worry go for fast track programme at the moment (its PG certificate isn;t it ?) ..

    since your case is similar to mine,I would like to ask you something..Did you seek any guidance from CSIC certified representative or anyone else to know if the distance education bachelor's degree is acceptable to embassy of canada or not ? just to let ya know- even i've done Bachelor of Commerce from distance education (correspondence) and been looking for someone whoz got the same case..

    All the very best..
  3. First of all I'd like to thank you for the quick reply lovepreet.

    And secondly the course that I am got the letter for is a PG Diploma Course. And about the Distance Education Degree, I do not think we should have any problem applying for the student visa or otherwise. Univ. of Madras is a recognized Univ. not only in India but Internationally as well.
    And it was great to here that other students have changed their course of study once they landed in Canada. I was really scared if I could do that or not.

    If Centennial College knew that my Degree would not be recognized by the Canadian Consulate here in India, they would have never sent the offer letter to me in the first place.
    And I have one more question, how long does it take for a Student loan to be sanctioned if you are using your property as collateral?

    Anyways lets hope for the best.

    Thanks again.
  4. Hey Makz

    No need to thank man. Consider me nothing but a friend trying to help you all. Buddy you were right on your part when you said the college would not have given you admission in the first place had there been a problem with your degree or University.

    But buddy here i wanna add that I ain't saying college;s got a problem its the embassy..I have been observing and as per my knowledge database Embassy and colleges are not intune. Embassy has been refusing applicants on the ground of course being irrelevant or same as previous studies or because similar are availiable in india. Those who are being refused were also accepted by the college on some course or another so what you say now ? would you still feel if we are given admission regardless of regular or corresponce degree by college the embassy would accept that straightway ? i feel embassy and colleges need to sort out and get their authority and responsibility facts straight.

    ***check my other post with the title ''distance education degree'' i have mentioned about the same problem''
  5. When in comes to a similarity in courses. I think most courses that are available in Canadian Univs. and Colleges are also available in India. Unless they're highly specialized ones. I thought that the Canadian government was more Foreign student friendlier than that. :(

    On your second point when you say that some students are being rejected even after being accepted by the college is just really scary :-X I hope that doesn't happen to anyone!

    Anyways lets wait and see what happens to our Visa Applications in due time.

    P.S. Have you already applied for you Student Visa yet? And also have you personally heard anyone of your friends getting Student Visa Extensions without much problems once they're in Canada.

  6. Yeah buddy my best pal extended his visa in canada a month ago. He went on a PG cert and changed his course to Diploma and extended visa after a year for another..
  7. Can you tell me what is the exact criteria that a colleges looks at before granting you a chance to change your Course.
    Like I want to change my course once I go to Canada from the 8 month PG Diploma program to a 2 Yr Diploma program in the same field.
    I will be joining Centennial College.

  8. Hey Makz

    whether you qualify for the programme you are applying to or not - is the only things college looks at provided you have sufficient time to change the course and all. Changing course within the same college wouldn't be a problem so take it easy.

    All the best

    P.S - Have you got the visa or sbmitted your file already ?
  9. Hi Lovepreet, i am sailing on the same boat as you people are ( distance education from Annamalai University, 3 year Graduation, PG certificate from Centennial College and now on to education loan and looking forward to VISA application)
    well, I just wanted to know the conclusion part of your story, like what happened now, did u make it to the college , did u get the VISA and loan ?
    Since i couldn't find nothing after these posts, so I am writing this to you ,requesting you to please let me know what happened next and also if you'd please guide me with my stages of application...................please write me back soon as possible

  10. i have completed my 12th in commerce stream with 82.2%
    And applied for Lambton Toronto And Centennial college
    and my ielts score is 6 bands over all
    when will i get offer letter from both the colleges?
  11. Hi I got offer letter from Centennial college on 22nd of August. I paid fees on 25th of August, and my agent Forwarded my bank slip to college on 28th of August. N I have not received any college receipt from college yet. How many days college take to send fee receipt.
    And also my concern is that now course has been closed, so are there any chances that an offer can get canceled when they are not sending fee receipt.
  12. Try to login at centennial student login by putting your student id as username, and dob as password. You may find your fee receipt there.
    This is a link for it
  13. I tried it.. But I found nothing.. Even the term is not registered yet..
  14. please check your mycentennial account inbox.you will get your receipt within 10 days of submission .
  15. can I know when u applied and in which course??

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