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Full time hours ???

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by zain_raza, May 6, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I'm in process of applying my LMO.

    For the fair wage rate calculation, working in canada website suggest the hourly wage rate for my position but what about one on salary?
    And how many hours do I need to show, minimum to count as Full time work ?

    Thanks in advance, appreciate your inputs.
  2. I am not quite sure where this question is coming from??? As a prospective employee, you cannot apply for an LMO. That has to be done by the employer. If you are the employer, you would have had to post your vacancy on the JOB BANK or similar board for at least 14 days, complete with the wage and hours of work, BEFORE applying for an LMO. The LMO has to match the job posting or it will be refused.

    "full-time work means at least 37.5 hours per week" http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/publications/cec.asp
  3. Thank you Pippin for your helpful reply.

    Sorry, forgot to mention that my employer is gonna apply for me, but I just need to provide him all the info.

    Regarding job posting or recruitment efforts, I'm on my Post graduation work permit(PGWW) now and have been working for the same employer throughout PGWW. I believe, for an international grad, if my employer needs to apply for LMO straight after my PGWW, he doesn't need to show any advertising efforts.

    Please confirm!

    Thanks again.
  4. I have no experience with Post Grad work permits. Am sure you must be able to do a search for that on the CIC website though. Thanks for filling in the blanks - good luck.
  5. That's correct - your employer does not need to show recruitment / advertising efforts.
  6. full time hours are 160 a month 40 a week
  7. Thank you everybody for your inputs, really helpfull.

    37.5 or 40 hours a week = full time hours???
  8. 40 at least in in alberta
  9. As per my research, it's 37.5 in Ontario. But I will have to research a bit more.

  10. A standard full-time work week is 37.5 in all of Canada minus Quebec. For Quebec, it's 35 hours.

    Some companies may have longer or shorter work weeks. However the hours I've provided above are the official standard.
  11. In alberta the minimum is 40 hrs per week and max 44
  12. This has developed into a real page turner!!! Who would have guessed? I had no idea there was such a variation across the country. You have to look at WHO is the important party here? The Province doesn't care how many hours one works as long as the taxes are paid. CIC regards 37.5 hours full time. If you are depending on grant money which is probably modest, it is probably in your best interests to go with the lower number to make the hourly rate better. Let us know how things turn out. Good Luck!
  13. haha true...
    No, I need to know if a person is on salary, how will one calculate fair wage rate. So lower the hours per week, higher the rate. But need to consider full time hours, as its very important right!

    Since I'm getting a good response here, I would like to get inputs.

    For LMO purposes, if a owner owns multiple businesses but all the employees are under one numbered company ie. Management Co. The operating company is different but all the employee taxes, wsib, eht, pay cheques are under one numbered company (management co.) just to avoid all different payrolls. So under which company does employer apply for LMO? From the payroll co or actual operating co?

  14. Ha ha....what's the NOC for Accountants?
  15. NOC 1231 "Accounting Bookkeeper"

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