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from us to work in canada where do i file my application

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in North America' started by leabert, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. I'm a Filipino but not a resident of the US and wanted to migrate to Canada from the US. Is there a way I can apply here in the US without going back to the Philippines?
  2. Do you have a job offer? What kind of application are you looking to do?

    Were you legal in the US for 1 year even if you are not legal anymore or are you a tourist there?

    You could go to Canada as a tourist, look for a job, wait for the LMO and then leave the country just to the US to get your work permit issued but it could take up to a few months to get the LMO and work permit. It might not be a good idea to wait for it here when you are spending money and not allowed to work.
  3. we came here as tourist but not legal anymore, maybe for a year yes. but i don't think i can go back to the US if i go to canada. And i'm not sure i can apply as tourist here for canada.
  4. hey bro!!! you must have at least 1 year legal status in the us...
  5. Yeah, if you were never legal in the US except as a tourist, you can't apply there.
  6. legal status is the key

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