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Form IMM 5540

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by pisces17, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. There is a question from IMM 5540 #12 "Are you living with someone?
    I share this two bedroom unit with another lady. Do you think I have to put her name on the form?

  2. i suppose you can put your roommate's name in that form
  3. Yes. Explain she is your roommate or friend.
  4. Hi Canadianwoman,
    Please i need your opinion... My application has been 6 months yesterday in CIC Manila. I sent my passport and all other requested documents first week of february 2010. Do you think its okey now to call CIC Manila to follow up my application?
    God bless you always....
  5. Hi. I think it's OK to call Manila now. If they think it's too early, they'll just tell you to call later.
  6. hi canadianwoman,

    I want to thank you for responding.. i know you are in tough times too i've read what you had been through with your husband... am sorry to hear about it... i hope that everything will be alright soon for you both and for all of us here... God bless us all.....

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