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Filipino Nurse and midwife in BC- fastest route to Canada?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by bailavida, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to help my 22-year old brother, who just graduated as a nurse, and a 28-year old sister, a registered midwife in the Philippines- to immigrate and work here in BC.
    Here are their infos:
    -graduated as a nurse
    -will get the result of his registration board exam in Manila next month
    -graduated 2-year midwifery with honours on 2006 (top of her class, clinical proficiency and Madonna award)
    -Top 5 (National) in board exam
    -current job title is Nursing Aid in a government hospital in Philippines, although she's performing as midwife because the one directly assisting the birth. Apparently, registered midwives in the Philippines should start as NA and wait for about 3 promotions to be a "midwife" (that will take years- unbelievable...).

    I'll very much appreciate some advise/tips on how to get them to Canada, the fastest (legal) way possible. I already inquired with the BC College of Midwives and College of Nursing (regulatory boards), they suggest to go through the registration process (bridging programs for midwife) here in BC... but might take at least a year or two to complete the process. My husband and I are permanent residents in BC since 2006. We don't have any relatives here and so we miss them a lot.
  2. For Brother:

    - Apply as live-in caregiver (no caregiver training certificate needed since he is a nursing graduate). Try to find him an employer here in Canada or is you have kids, you can be the employer and have him come as a caregiver.

    For Sister:

    - Find an employer for her who will sponsor her for Provincial Nominee.
    - Sister can study 6 mos caregiver course an get a certificate and apply as caregiver also. Find her an employer.

  3. Thanks kayebee8! I don't have a child yet. And my sister is a single-mom. If ever I get an employer for her, will she be able to bring her 5-year old son when she comes here?
  4. As a caregiver NO,As a practical nurse under the BC PNP yes and no waiting 2 years as a Nanny,you are PR upon landing,Why is it that Filipinos like to work as 8-9$/Hour Nannies When being a Nursing graduate even without experience allows them to get temporary licenses as a Practical nurse or come to work as RCA s,Is it because they dont want to be professional and prefer to be Nannies???,This will be a discussion I have with BC Immigration Minister on Monday,The Ugnayan Foundation is lobbying for changes in the law to help Filipino Immigrants
  5. Hi BCguy,

    This is the answer/tip I was waiting for. The PNP was first in my mind but since, as per the regulatory bodies, both my siblings' professions require them to go through a long procedure of registration as a midwife or nurse in Canada (I spoke to an employer before and she told me they have to be registered first). You mentioned that they could get a temporary license, could you tell me how?

    About caregiver/nanny, of course they want to stick to their professions... most of the Filipinos on this case probably didn't get a good advise or thought that it's the easy way to come here and start. Some people already shared that idea. I'm not so keen about getting my siblings as nanny/caregivers that's why I wrote to this forum- to find better options for them. My sister, as I mentioned above, was a top student on a top school and is currently "performing" as a head midwife for about hundred births already (assisting birth deliveries all by herself and unsupervised). Ironically, she gets about $250/month, her official job title in that hospital is only Nursing Aid, and the doctors are the ones who sign all the birth papers! Maybe you can share this on your meeting with the BC Immigration Minister and suggest to make temporary license information readily/easily available to anyone interested and help the Filipino medical professionals or their families here in Canada to get the options available for them.

    Thanks and I hope you can tell me some info about temporary license you mentioned...
  6. The nurse graduate can get a temporary license as a PRACTICAL NURSE,then challenge the Practical nurse exam then the RN exam later,You are in BC,Why not give Yasmeen or Zeala of Future Search Canada a call,Regarding the Mid wife,She could come in also as a Practical Nurse,Give them a call also,The numbers are on the website.Cheers
  7. Thanks very much BCguy ;) I will call them first thing on Monday.
  8. BCguy hello,

    I'm trying to secure a TRV to take SEC in Surrey this year (August hopefully) then go back to Philippines -very costly. Once I am eligible to take the CRNE, what is the fastest way I can secure a job in Canada while waiting to sit for the CRNE in a way that I can bring my husband along.

    Is it advisable look for employers first, then secure an immigrant visa or get a temporary work permit first.

    Another query, if I get a temporary permit to work temporarily as a nurse as I wait to sit CRNE, can my husband come along?

    Please advise. Thank you.

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