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Estafa case for Mr. James Hanley of Webster International Phil. is dismissed

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by linlany, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. I am Attorney Jose Aguinalde legal counsil for Mr. James Hanley and Websters International. I would like to inform the public that the Estafa case against Mr. James Hanley has now been settled. The truth of the matter is as follows;

    1) The complainants all asked for a refund of monies paid to Mr. Hanley because they had failed the IELTS English test. You can't, under most circumstances, enter Canada with only a 50 or 60 % English level.
    2) As clearly stated in the Immigration Contract, if a client fails the IELTS exam he/she will enroll in a English class which none of the complainants wanted to do.
    3) The Complainants all filed a complaint to Canada's licensing body for immigration, CSIC which is a Society run and regualted by the Government of Canada. The complainants asked CSIC to revoke or suspend Mr. Hanleys license. Mr. Pierre Briand the Government of Canada investigator with CSIC ruled that Mr. Hanley had done nothing wrong, especially not criminally and he stated that this wouldn't even have been a Supreme Court case in Canada but only a Small Claims Court Case. CSIC further issued a warning to all other CSIC members that when doing business in foreign countries simular to the Philippines, members of CSIC must know that they can be imprisoned for doing things that are totally legal in Canada. CISC's email is 3w.csic-scci.cashould you wish to view Mr. Hanley's membership license.
    4) The case filed in the Philippines had no legal grounds to establish Estafa and the complainants have all signed Affidavits of Desistance ( to release Mr Hanley from the charges of Estafa) with the Makati Regional Trial Court. The Assistant Prosecutor of the Makati City Regional Trial Court who signed the Affidavit of Desistance was Benjamin S. Vermug Jr. and his telephone number is 870-1440. Furthermore you may view the Affidavit of Desistance documents in either the Makati office 891-0593 or the Cebu office 233-2905.
    5) Even the complainants, in their own affidavit have swore that Mr. Hanley had not committed any Estafa and admitted that it was a mere result of a misunderstanding, most probably due to the complainants low and inefficient English levels.
  2. Who is this James Hadley chase?
  3. 10 posts on some dim wit?
    By now I think he is Guilty as Charged.
    Plz no more of this bull-s-h-i-t...
  4. Hi

    I think that it is response to the number of posts (since removed) about how he was charged and the court cases in the Philippines.
  5. James Walter Hanley.

  6. His name is James Walter Hanley, a Canadian CSIC registered immigration consutant who swindled many people. He must be running out of people to swindle, and he desperate to clear his swindler reputation. It seems he is now resulting to creating multiple fake accounts to spam all these messages all over the internet.

    For more detail info on him, you can check the following sites:


  7. He looks very guilty. And he has a CSIC license issued by Canadian government? How can that be?
  8. Update:

    Criminal cases filed against James Walter Hanley in various government agencies and trial courts are ongoing and proceeding as planned this year 2011. Dismissals of cases only constitute a very small percentage, as they are from clients who were willing to take the ridiculously low money offer from James Walter Hanley and his lawyer Jose Aguinalde. All the current criminal cases are progressing smoothly and as planned.

    More surveillance operations are currently ongoing as various groups infiltrate and gather more evidence to file future cases against James Walter Hanley and Jose Aguinalde.
  9. Guys for the record James Hanley is a SUSPENDED CSIC MEMBER,Mr Aguinalde My office mate is a member of the Disciplinary Committee of CSIC and he confirmed this.Your client was suspended and this is a matter of public record on the CSIC website.Do not do business with suspended CSIC members.He has suspended CSIC membership 52800
  10. To all concern, I would like to respectively respond to the blog that was last updated in 2010, which was giving misleading information which purpose was to cause harm. to James Hanley of Websters International in Makati Manila. The case no.09-017 and 020 has been dismissed by the honorable Judge Benjamin T Puzon of the Makati Regional Trial court and you can call his office to inquire the details of the dismissal at RTC 139 office phone 846-4951 for more information of you call call the office of Websters International 891-0593 to view the dismissal orders.

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