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Employer Letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by nanamink99, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am preparing my application for pr. As per company regulation, my employer is not allowed to right a letter for immigration purposes.
    Lately, I have expressed my desire to apply for an online graduate program with my employer and he said he would provide a reference letter and a employment verification form requested by the university. The employment verification form has basically every information needed for pr.

    Has anyone submitted a supporting letter that was directed to an university or bank loan? Would it harm my application if the letter clearly mentioned that my employer supports my application for this graduate program?

    thanks ;)
  2. CIC may not mind it so much but what happens when they call to verify your employment and your employer realises that you used the letter for another purpose without their consent? Not only can they tell CIC what you did and that they don't support PR applications, they can also fire you which will make it very hard to find new work.
    My advice? Be honest and find a manager or supervisor willing to provide a reference letter for you for this purpose.
  3. I agree with SB that it would be best to try to get a letter from a supervisor. I personally think it would be OK to use these documents, with a written explanation that your employer refuses to provide a letter for immigration purposes.

    You should be aware, tho, that applications without the specified letter of reference from your employer are usually rejected. One reason is that applicants provide "old" documents (e.g. letters of appointment from 2 years ago), but in your case they would be "recent" - if they truly contain all the required information, it might work. The key would be that they documents are "recent" (like no older than a month from when you submit your application).

    As S.B. notes - CIC could call your employer to verify the information, and they may not like that you use the documents for other than the intended purpose. If you also use them to apply to the graduate program with legitimate intent, there would be no deception, so I honestly do not see how that would be a firing offense. But then, I don't see how a company can legally refuse to provide the information in the first place. I suppose that you would have to weigh the potential risks vs potential rewards.
  4. thank you for the input!
  5. I dont understand why some companies do not want to give letters for immigration purposes. Is the company doing something illegal and they want to avoid contact from CIC?

    Anyways, all your employer needs to give you is a letter confirming your employment details. The letter does not need to be addressed to CIC, it can simply be addressed as "To Whom it May Concern". Your company is not in any way requesting CIC to give you PR, they just need to state you job details.

    As mentioned in above posts, see if a supervisor can give you a letter of reference...

    Good Luck!
  6. Companies usually give letter to whomever it concern and it works fine
  7. Most of the people who have trouble getting these letters seem to work for Indian multinationals (not your typical Canadian employer)... Different culture, even though one would expect that they would have to comply with Canadian labour standards... Perhaps India wants to discourage the brain drain....?
  8. @senorita. I faced the same issue with employer when I was applying for PNP. They said it was not in company's policy to issue reference letter for immigration purpose.I practically begged a manager in my office to help me sign the letter after I had prepared it. I got my LOA. Working on my PR now. I think it works. They will call or email the person that signed the letter if need be. In my case they didnt.

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