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Documents required to apply for spouse visa

Discussion in 'International Students' started by hardeep_chandigarh, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I need some expert advice from you people. I got my Student Visa under SPP. Now i want to get dependent visa for my spouse. Please lemme know the procedure and what all documents are needed to submit the application.

    Looking forward to your replies.

  2. Hey Hardeep

    Buddy didn't you find anything on CIC's official website ? They must have got somthing mentioned regarding dependents on their website or Ask them (embassy or VFS). I guess none of us have answer to your query ;D

    All the best
  3. You can apply a TRV for your spouse. the form is available on VFS. Download the checklist also. You need to submit all the docs stated there.

    You need to show $ 4000 CAD as funds to support the spouse.

    Again, you need to show ties to home country.... that the spouse will return back to home country after the intended stay in Canada.

    Attach your Offer letter and Visa copy to show connection to your visa status.

    hope that helped. :)
  4. vibez_well

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Will my spouse get OWP(Open Work Permit) on arrival at Canada ??

  5. hey hardeep,
    have you mentioned in ur form before about ur spouse as dependent?
    I am also in same situation.how can I apply for dependent visa with my spouse's student visa?
    which forms are required?I am in usa right now\

  6. your spouse is eligible to apply for a OWP at the port of entry. or once ur settled down, you can apply at Vegreville.
  7. hey vibez,
    can u give me some guidence how to apply for dependent visa with student visa?
    I am in usa,applying at ny consulate.
    how much fee i have to pay 125 + 125 in us dollars?
  8. Hi Ami_j,

    the 'dependent visa' you are looking for is the TRV (temp residence visa). since you are in the US, am not quite sure if the docs reqd will be the same. best idea is to check for the US CHC site and look up the docs & application fees.

    If you cant find it, then its better to just go thru the TRV checklist for India. It should be more or less the same. Find it here : http://www.vfs-canada.co.in/visaapplication.html

    You will have to pay the fee for 1 Study permit and 1 TRV (multiple entry TRV will cost a lil more than the single entry)

    dont forget to show ties to home country too. i feel this is the most deciding factor in granting the visa; assuming all the other factors like edu, language, finances are in order.

    for study permit and TRV, you need to convince the VO that you WILL return.

    hope this helped in some way . . . All the best !
  9. hey thanks vibez,
    it really cleared my doubt

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