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Document Checklist - Sponsor - IMM 1283 - Financial Evaluation

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by msingh2013, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. In the Document Checklist (IMM 5491E) - Sponsor, under the first section named FORMS, step 2 states the following:

    Original of completed Sponsorship Evaluation (IMM 5481) or Financial Evaluation (IMM 1283)
    See Step 2. Complete the application in the Guide to sponsorship to know which form to complete.

    So which form needs to be completed? Or should I complete both forms and submit them?

  2. Depends, are you immigrating to Quebec? If so, then 1283. If not, then 5481.
  3. I'm not. So IMM 5481 applies to me. Thank you!
  4. Hi,
    Please do not post misleading or wrong information. If you are not too sure , at least indicate that you are not sure please.

    IMM 5482 E (01-2013) 1
    Financial Evaluation
    • Quebec residents need not complete this form

    • Quebec residents need not complete this form

    If sponsor residing in quebec , need not complete Both IMM 5481 and IMM 1283.

  5. IMM1283 is only needed if you have a dependant child who also has a dependant child of their own. That means three generations in the same application. This is according to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/fineval.asp
  6. 1283, not 5482. I've been through this.
  7. Information on 1283 is indicated in IMM5482.
    IMM5482 is accompanying instructions on how to fill 1283.

  8. Confirmed by the link I offered...
  9. Thanks! That's really helpful!!!!
  10. ;) Thanks!

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