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Do Indian citizens need TRANSIT Visa while passing throgh Frankfurt/Lmodon To CA

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by singh092120, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Dear All,
    Please guide whether we need to have transit visa ,while moving to any Canadian city, Via LONDON/Frankfurt of these two countries UK/Germany.
    I have gone to travel agent for ticket booking, the least price tickets are through these countries.
    So do we need to have transit visa of these countries.
    what is the procedure to obtaib it.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. No you do not need the visa if going to canada through UK.

    If you plan to enter in the city (crossing border post) then you need the visa.
  3. IF You are going via Frankfurt then you do not need. But in the case of UK , advise you to double check it...they might required it.Advise you to contact AIR INDIA toll free number & check...

  4. not required for uk either......... confirmed.........


  5. You don't need a transit visa for any country if you aren't going outside the airport. This is international rule as for Transit flights.
  7. even in south africa you need transit visa irrespective of weather you are crossing the border check or you are catching the connecting flight.
  8. you do, who told you not for any other country, passing uk territory needs transit visa depends where you going after wards even if you not going out of airport,

    same if you going to uk through schengen zone you need transit visa for schengen country you crossing without going out side airport.
  9. Best thing is to apply for a pleasure visa/tourist visa for the applicable country. Get one for European Union and make a halt at Frankfut/Paris/Amsterdam.

    Even better would be to have a halt in UAE/ME countries. You won't require a transit visa and you'll have a flight of 3 hrs to Middle East and than 15 to 17 hrs approx to Canada which is much more preferable as you can catch some sleep compared to flights which halt in Europe 8 to 9 hrs of flight both the side of halt.

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