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Direct hire from the Philippines POEA

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Serenta, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. A canadian employer wants to hire a live-in caregiver directly from the Philippines. At which stage of the procedure will the caregiver need to have this poea approved? after she gets a LMO or after she gets the visa? is it possible for her to fly to hong kong or taiwan just to exit from there in order to avoid this procedure that we don't understand?
    thank you in advance!
  2. The POEA, POLO, OEC is after you have the visa. It is needed in your departure. The Phil. immigration wont allow you to take your plane if you dont have all those papers mentioned. If you're planning to exit in another country, you can.

  3. thanks for the information. but i am wondering how can you exit from another contry when you already have the canadian visa in your passport? for example, the caregiver gets the canadian visa then flies to hong kong with the intention to fly to canada from there. the filipino authorities are going to let her embark for honk kong knowing that she has a canadian visa stamped? it's obvious that she wants to exit from another country just to avoid the POEA procedure. are they going to allow her?
    i would appreciate if people with simiar stories could enlighten me what to do.
    thank you!
  4. she will have a tourist visa for hongkong....and buy a 2way ticket then and waste the return ticket of course....the immigration will ask for show money and ask questions same thing on the Hongkong side. If she cant show both government the satisfaction and if shes not confident enough...then i suggest do the POEA, POLO, PDOS. well its not complicated actually if you have all the papers but needs money the same thing with flying to Hongkong. :D

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