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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Dr.Hasib, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Go to this link for all you need to know about practising as a dentist in Ontario: http://www.ontarioimmigration.ca/en/working/OI_HOW_WORK_DENTIST_CM.html
  2. hey i am from pakistan and is in final year of bds. my husband is in canada and i have already applied for my pr few months back. just curious about my future there as a dentist. what is the procedure and which is the most easiest to get my degree liscenced and work there as a dentist? and which books should i start reading to be in a good position till i complete my studies? thankyou :)
  3. Hi, i am a dentist from india, i have submitted my online application on cic, my crs score is 411, can anybody advice me what is the probability for ita with this crs.regards
  4. http://imgur.com/iHHwbqB
    The last point i should put the bachelors degree when i graduated or after i have taken my internship?
  5. hi .i am also dentist here in punjab.i am married we both are dentist.my wife is MDS and i am BDs.i want to apply for express entry .please tell me where i can apply for educational equvalcy(ECA) to WES or Medical council of canada..please reply me as soon as possible .i will be thankful to u
  6. Hello,
    I made mine from the WES. Best of luck.
  7. Hi..i am a dentist from Haryana. You need to fill an application for wes, make the payment and send a copy of your degree and ask the university to send the transcript to wes directly. You will have to get ECA for yourself and your wife. Also you need to sit for IELTS. After you get these two done you can make a profile for express entry and wait till they send you an invitation to apply for PR.
  8. Are we supposed to attach a copy of our working license card of our home country?
  9. Can a visitor in Canada take the AFK???
  10. Guyz, the question of when were you qualified to work the job
    Minimum education.. we should mention when we graduated from college? Or after internship after earning license?
  11. has there been a draw tonight? or it wud come next week?
  12. hi, im a dentist from India in Private practice since last more than 7-8 years.

    1. How do i provide proof of my own practice? My practice/clinic is not registered but i do have license from Delhi Dental Council since i passed out in 2004. Also i have records on Practo of my patients and treatments and invoices dating to 2007 or beyond so will they be satisfactory to prove my clinical experience?

    2. I want to know do we have to provide Transcript from Agra university and Consolidated marksheet separately or just the Transcript is sufficient for ECA (assessment) by WES? I completed my BDS from Subharati dental college including internship in 2004.
    My wife is also dentist and she finished her Graduation from SDM Dharwad college which is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi university in Bangalore. Does she require only the TRANSCRIPT or consolidated mark sheet as well?


    any help at the earliest will be appreciated.

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