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Decision made

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by hai, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Dear all,
    My application status in the CIC site says "Medical Results have been received. A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning the decision". Can anybody tell me whether this is a positive sign. If so, how long will it take for the CHC to send the passport request?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Very very soon. Might be on the post the letter.
  3. Hello Hai,

    Can you let me know when you gave ur medicals and submitted your other documents??


  4. Our interview was waived and we did medical on 26/06/07
  5. Hi hai!

    can i ask how long have you waited for your papers to be processed? like how many months or years? Im here in UAE now and planning to apply as an immigrant under skilled worker category. Tnx
  6. hai,

    Where did u apply from? Buffalo?

  7. Hi all
    It took looooong 3 yrs & 10 mnths to reach this stage. But still anxiously awaiting for the letter. Its been a week now and we didnt get any formal letter revealing the the "decision".

  8. Dear Hai,

    Appreciate if you can give us any latest update on your file............did u hear anything as yet or still your waiting to hear ??


  9. CHC said they have posted the letter on aug29th, but as of today we didn't receive it. At this later stage this deday really kills. can anyone say what is the timelimit to stamp the visa from the late of PR request letter

    with regards
  10. In my case it took around three weeks from the date I sent my passports over till the date I received the stamped passports. I don't think it should take more than a month at the most, but you never know :) Wish you all the best
  11. Thanx ibanerje
    If we go in person to stamp the visa, the delay can be avoided. But my concern is if we receive the PPR letter at a later date due to postal delay, (I persume we should submit the passport within one month from the date of PPR letter), how it will affect my file? in my case, its almost 18 days now and still waiting
  12. Yes a postal delay is something that should be of concern. I would check with the Post Office and talk to a Supervisor, telling them that this is a life and death situation and you absolutely need to ensure that the Post Office did not goof up. Then call the CIC office. Hope you get yours soon.
  13. We have applied through a consultant. So the PPR letter is addressed to them. My question is, can we use a scanned copy of the letter as proof when we go to CHC to stamp the visa or should we take the original itself with us for visa stamping. Can anybody help pls.

  14. PMM please help


    We received the PPR. The letter is dated 29/Aug/07 and it says we must submit the passports before 27/Aug/07 !!!!!!!. Even this letter was received on 14/Sep/07 due to postal delay. Our consultant will be sending a correction fax to CHC. Meanwhile, can you please clarify these queries

    1. Will CHC issue a new PPR letter or can we go with the old one to stamp the visa?
    2. If they send only a correction note, will it be through fax or mail? If its through mail it will take another 15-20 days. And do we have to carry the correction letter with us?
    3. How efficient is the communication through Fax? Will CHC respond on time?

    We are particularly worried because some of the previous posts in this forum shows the time span of PPR is one month and we are running short of time.

    Thanks in advance
  15. Re: PMM please help


    1. Go with the old letter.
    2. A correction would be in the form of a letter usually.


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