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Cover Letter for Documents Sent to CIC

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by jpadz, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi people!

    Did you guys wrote a cover letter when you have submitted your documents to CIC?
    If yes, do you have a sample of it?

    I appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. No need for Cover letter. Just follow the Buffalo office specific instructions. Still if you want to write then you can write in this format:

    Consular Officer
    Consulate General of Canada
    Regional Immigration Centre
    3000, HSBC Centre
    Buffalo, New York 14203-2884

    Re: Application for Permanent Residence

    Dear Consular Officer:

    Please find the enclosed Application for permanent residence and supporting documents. The documents are enclosed here in this order:

    1. Nomination Certificate and IMM 0008 Generic
    2. Schedule 1
    3. Application fees
    4. 4 Immigration Photographs
    5. Scehdule 3
    6. IMM 5406
    7. Notarized 1-797 and I-94/US stamped Visa
    8. FBI record Check (Original)
    9. State Police Certificates (Original)
    10. Home Country Police clearance (Original)
    11. Birth Certificate
    12. Bank Statement

    I hope above forms and supporting documents are comprehensive. I look forward to recieve further instructions in this process,

    Sincerely Yours,
  3. Thank you algov!
  4. Hi,

    I have a question about Bank Statement...

    How many months of bank statements shld we send?
    Can it be just a statement with out transcations?(i dont have thousands of dollars in my account, so i will ask any of my friends to transfer jus for statements)
    or can we get statements from home country-India?
  5. The checklist in Appendix A is all the cover letter you need. I only included bare essentials, and did not attach any extra letters, documents, explanations, autobiography, movie script, lyrics, etc ;)
    Lets make their (and our) lives easy.
  6. can any one reply on this??? if they need 3 statements then i will start saving money from now...[:p]

  7. Refer to the "Proof of Funds" section of our Web site for exact figures and
    Provide proof of unencumbered and readily transferable funds in a convertible
    currency available for settlement in Canada (for you and your family members):
    • current bank certification letter; or
    • evidence of savings balance; or
    • fixed or time deposit statements.

    Source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/EnGlish/pdf/kits/guides/E37048.pdf

    It does not say anywhere that you need 3 months statement.
  8. thanks bro!!

  9. I see in tht link there isnt any check box for "P" provincial nomination for funds.... is it optional to send bank statements to CIC if u r nominated???

  10. I just started a new thread/post on that. You should check that and post your question/answer there.
  11. Hi
    Just I want to know do we need to provide I-797 form and I-94 to CIC also.

    Thanks & Regards
  12. From "Helpful Hints"
    Provide proof of one year lawful admission to the USA, Canada, Bermuda, or St. Pierre et Miquelon. This could be in the form of an entry stamp in your passport or a status document issued at the Port of Entry or other place of admission. If an extension of the original status has been granted, the evidence required would be a document or stamp issued by the ministry responsible for immigration matters, providing an extension up to one year or beyond.

    So, yes you need to provide those. I sent notarized photocopy of my first I-94 and visa stamp as well as current I-797. You may not need the current I-797 for CIC, but it would not hurt sending it if you have one with you. All they care is if you were admitted to the US for 1 year.
  13. It looks like they removed the Funds Requirements for "P" in the April revision of the document. I am almost certain that they had it on the checklist earlier.
  14. You're right I have the old version and the new one doesn't have the Funds Requirement, still I'm to send my bank statements just in case.

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