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cost of giving birth via c-section in ontario, without OHIP

Discussion in 'Health' started by kikokit, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. the cost are as follows:

    $2650 for the doctors... everything included, whether it is c-section or vaginal delivery.
    $1000 per night at the hospital, all inclusive wheter you'll use the operating room or not.

    doctor's fee doesn't have any payment scheme, you have to pay them in advance.
    hospital needs $1000 deposit and and remaining balance can be paid in 3 months or longer depending on your communication skills.:)

    my wife gave birth in mississauga ontario. not all hospitals and doctors have the same fee.

    good luck to everyone! i already have a canadian son.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Congratulaions!!! :D you now have a fil-canuck!!
  4. Additional to above very useful information.
    We are expecting to have our baby in Jan 2010, these are our cost so far
    Each visit to our local clinic 80$
    Ultra Sound test 120$
  5. KiKokit
    hope you read this I am in a situacion similar my wife have no OHIP, I read in your post that your child born in missisagua can you tell wich hospital and wish doctor can you said is a good doctor
  6. I am just posting bc I am disgusted. I am Canadian. I was googling cost of Caesarian sections in Canada vs the us out of pure curiosity. Our so called health care system is a very special thing and it is constantly abused! Wait your time, don't province jump so you can get something else for free! It's appalling. Our system is over loaded by people like this, by people who abuse our system and the way it was meant to be used no longer exists! You want a free birth, maybe you should have waited to get pregnant. You want a free birth, maybe you should have been paying CANADIAN TAXES for months or years. That ultimately is why our health care exists. How is it possibly fair that mine, along with millions of other Canadian tax payers should be footing the bill for a child/mother who just jumped off a plane?
    Ya I'm mad. I have every right to be.
  7. Oh and Alberta you have to plan on being in the province or 183/365 days. You cannot take up residency in another province as you will get a hefty bill ;)
  8. Well, to tell you the truth, most provinces offer first day health care for newcomers who are moving from abroad. This is what makes this possible. If the provinces had uniform rules regarding newcomers, this wouldn't happen. It's only ON, BC and QC who have a waiting time for newcomers and QC even has an exception from that for childbirth and pregnancy. Also keep in mind that this affects Canadian families too that have been living abroad and are moving back. I remember one family with a sick child who wanted to move back from the US and were considering going to AB just to get a health card and then moving on to ON because that was their intended destination. Actually, you shouldn't be mad at the people doing this, you should be mad at the cheapskates in ON and BC not taking up the same rules as everybody else because then this would not be an issue.

    As for paying taxes to get health care, I don't think that is the idea behind health care at all. The idea is that everybody should get health care regardless of paying taxes. Or how do you feel about people who are on welfare and never worked a day in their life? Never paid any taxes in Canada or anywhere else? Would you want to cancel their health cards? Maybe you should move to the US, you might like the system better over there.

    Yes, they should do that. However, there is no guarantee that AB would send them a bill even if they leave. I have only heard of such a case once and that was in BC and actually I think it borders on being legal. That person had done their 3 month waiting time in BC in order to get health care and all in all stayed in BC for 5.5 months in that first year and did not move to another province in search of a better job but went home to take care of stuff, fully intending to return. I advised her to take her case to the ombudsman. I have no idea if she did.

    However, I would still advise people who do this to stay in AB for good. It's a good province to live in. Loads of jobs. I have no idea why so many people want to move to ON.

    And don't forget that immigrants enrich Canada. They are not coming here to leech on you, they are being recruited by our government because of their education and skills. Education that we did not pay for. Many of them get good jobs and end up paying way more taxes than some born and bred Canadian families.

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