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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lillyvb, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. i'd like to have an idea of how much it would b to deliver a baby in vancouver area? anyone WITH EXPERIENCE (PR who gave birth without the medical insurance coverage or someone who have sponsored a pregnant woman) knows or have an idea of how much it could be?...
  2. Hi Lilly. My wife gave birth to our first son at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster in 2009. She had only a TRP and an inland application in process. Royal Columbian required payment at the same time as admittance (before you are allowed to go upstairs and start pushing!). They wanted $6000. If I remember correctly, this would cover doctors, nurses, one day stay at the hospital, and even an emergency C-section should it come to that. It did come to that for us. Our son was born at 5 am and my wife begged the doctor to discharge her that evening, despite having had no time at all to begin healing to her incision. The reason: an extra $1500/ night.

    This is why my wife is in Mexico right now, having just delivered our second child. We had to sacrifice our inland application (which should have been accepted 7 months ago) in favor of not being completely wiped out by medical bills again. We decided to have our second child based on CIC's application timelines (BAD idea).

    I was just speaking with someone at work this evening about medical coverage for non-residents. He seemed confident that you could buy private insurance that would cover you. I am skeptical, though I suggest you look into it yourself before allowing my doubts to dissuade you.
  3. If the woman is already pregnant, you will get no insurance that will cover that unless it costs the same as the delivery. The reason is that the insurance company can not possibly make any money out of selling you insurance when they know they will have to cover $6,000 when the baby is born.

    I have heard that the cost of childbirth fluctuates between 5 and 10,000 depending on the location and if there are complications. If it is not a first child, you could look into having it at home with a mid-wife, it might cost less.
  4. thank you both for your answers, i already looked at several private insurance companies and none of them cover any complications during pregnancy nor the deliver of baby. Is it possible to get a temporary passport for the baby while we are waiting for his proof of citizenship and wait for this in canada? and if so, how long does it takes to get a temporary passport? and what documents do we need?
  5. You mean in case the baby is not born in Canada? Then you would have to apply for proof of citizenship through the embassy. Once you have applied for it, you can get a temporary passport for the baby at the embassy. You could ask for the citizenship certificate to be expedited if you already have travel plans but even if you don't get it in time, you can still travel with the baby on the temporary passport.
  6. thanks Leon, do you think that is the be the best option? Do you know what documents do i need to get a temporary passport for the baby and how long it takes to get one? and if we apply for proof of citizenship in my home country and then travel with baby and his temp. passport, how do we get the citizenship? can they issue the proof of citizenship in canada?

    and thank youuu again so much for your help :)
  7. I can tell you that when we applied for a passport for my son around 13 months old as we had not received the Citizenship card yet they told us just to apply within ummm easier just to paste the info they sent me..

    "While your son citizenship application is being processed if you need to travel with your son on a Canadian passport you may apply for one (a month before you travel). Besides the usual required documents you are required to submit passport application with a proof of travel (plane ticket, etc). The processing time for issuance of passport is 15 working days and a limited validity passport will be issued."
  8. best is that u contact the Canadian embassy/consulate in ur area, u ask exactly what proof they need and what forms u need to fill in both for passport and citizenship application

    i suppose child birth certificate and proof that one parent is Canadian citizen is enough
  9. can they issue proof of citizenship in canada?
  10. Yes, the card my son received while still in BKK came from Canada we were told. So I imagine if they produce them there to send them overseas no reason why they can't issue them in country. I am just guessing but I was clearly told the card CAME from Canada.
  11. Yes, they can issue the Citizenship Certificate in Canada but in order to get the temporary passport so that he can travel to Canada, you need to apply for the CC at the embassy first. After you are in Canada, if you are staying for good, you can contact the embassy as well as the processing centre:

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Case Processing Centre–Proof
    P.O. Box 10000
    Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 7C1

    And let both of them know your new address so they'll know where to send your CC.
  12. Ok thank you sooo much for all your answers :) have a good rest of the day

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