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CONSTANCIA de datos registrales or INFORME de datos registrales?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by gigi1612, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. My husband (canadian) is sponsoring me inland, i'm from mexico. My parents live in Mexico but not in Mexico city, they live in another state in the south of mexico. I got a letter from CIC local office asking me to "Provide an original police clearance certificate from your home country. To comply with this requirement your fingerprints must be sent to the appropriate officals in that country. Please visit the following website for further information:


    Also, submit the original offical English/French translation of the document, if required."

    I went to the web site and I found that i need to provide a federal police certificate and and a state police certificate. The federal certificate is the tricky question. According to the webiste The federal police certificate i will need is called the Informe de datos registrales and i must follow some specific instructions to get this form.

    So here is the deal, i've been reading some member of this forum aasked their relatives to go to to Mexico city and get the CONSTANCIA de datos registrales instead of the INFORME de datos registrales, that way woulbe be faster. My mom can go and get it for me, i just have to send her my 3 stes of fingerprints, the pics and copy of my id's. Once she gets it she will drop it at the embassy.

    Will this be aceptable for CIC or i absolutly have to take the other route (INFORME de datos registrales) and wait 5-6 months vs 8-10 days if i get the CONSTANCIA de datos registrales.

    I will highly appreciate any advice. ???
  2. Gigi this tramit is only in person and after 10 days somebody can pick up the letter if you sign (carta poder)My son just did it last month
    I am sure the embassy is going to deal with your Carta de antecedentes registrales,which takes like 3 months to be procesed,I asume you are inlander as me.you don't hace to worry about.1 Year a go I was very confused too.Good luck y paciencia!!;)
  3. Thanks for your answer. Yes i'm inlander and i can't leave until the process is finished. :(

    The tramit is only in person, so there's no way my parents can get it for me even if i sign a Carta poder to them?

    We have been waiting since april 2009. I gues we need to have a lot more paciencia.

    Thanks bobswife... we are in the same boat :'(
  4. I found a websiteof a company which business is to assit people to obtain the CONSTANCIA DE DATOS REGISTRALES (or Constancia de no antecedentes penales) from mexico.

    This is the linK:


    I woder if somebody have done it through them?

    The charge is $300 (reasonable), but i just don't want to be scam.

    Any comments??? ::)

  5. What do you think about this? Any comments would be appreciated ...
  6. Hi Gigi,

    I have the same problem/question as you. I applied outside of mexico in May and received a letter from the embassy asking for the informe de datos registrales. I understand that unlike me you applied inside canada. However, any idea how to get the letter from the embassy for the constancia :D de antecedentes registrales??

    I will email them and ask them for it?

    Any one else out there have any advice.

    THanks Gracias :D
  7. Hi Guys !!
    I went to Mexico city to get my carta de antecedentes registrales few days ago i will get it in 10 days I came to Mexico for my sponsorhip outland , but when i was in Canada (Toronto) I got a police certificate from there and in that office they can ask for this carta de antecedentes registrales from Mexico only they charge you more for shipping I think you can ask in the same office i mean the office where you can get police certificate from Canada.
    Do you know guys what is the next step after sending this certificate!!
    I am nervous!!
  8. My parents went to mexico City and got the Constancia in 10 days. If you can, go or send somebody with a power of attorney. You will need 3 sets of fingerprints, 2 pictures (oval pictures) and to pay the fee.

    Good luck!!!
  9. When I click on this link my ISP returns pages of "protect yourself from internet fraud/identity theft" results links. Personally, I wouldn't trust it. You know the story...if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!
  10. Hello there. I want to share my experience since I am now worried about my application process. I am a Mexican living in Canada and I got the "constacia de datos registrales" in Mexico city on a visit to my family. Immigration refused the paper and asked me to get a "informe de datos registrales" since I reside in Canada. Two days ago I send the fingerprints, and photos to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City (located at Miguel aCervantes de Saavedra).

    Does anyone know how long it will take for them to send me the "informe de datos registrales"?
    How come the Canadian Consulate is now involved for Federal Police certificates for applicants living in Canada?

    One year ago applicants living in Canada had to get the Federal Police Certificate using both a letter of request made by the Mexican Embassy in Canada and a "carta poder" so that a relative/friend could obtain the Police Certificate for you in Mexico.

    How come the process has changed?

    I really would appreciate if you have any insights into my questions. Thank you!


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