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CIC online status check

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by alistairsmith148, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Hi.

    Does anyone know the possible statuses and states in the online status checker at CIC, ie recieved application, "2.We started processing your application on"

    is there a state, for RPRF or Biodata received, as I had issues sending them, they requested both twice, and want to confirm they have them.

  2. Contact CIC over phone or email. The update on E-CAS takes time to reflect, sometimes takes months.

    So talking to a CIC agent, may give you an actual state.

    What does your E-CAS look like?
  3. My Status is in process now, but I have application received, application started being processed and medical received.

    What are the next stages in the statements?

    I understand decision made is the next status
  4. Are you saying that the CIC has access to your file it's status if you call them by phone?

    I called them in the past and they always said that they do not have access to CEC applications and you need to email
  5. I'm in September 2013, when I should contact CIC, to ask my application. And anyone can help me about contact information or email, thank.


  6. There's nothing you have to do for now. You're only 2 months into the application process. Wait for CIC to request
    additional documents from you, probably 5-8 months from now.

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