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Children on their mother's passport

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by drspecialist, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Dear Friends
    Please I want to know if it will be possible to have the visas for my wife and my children on one passport, as my children (8 &4 years old) are still on her passport and i am worried if the passport request will be sent in this case?
  2. my Children are on their mother's passport (any idea?)

    Any idea?

  3. Please it depends on the visa office. In my case i was ask to make a separate passport for my baby. So please ask your visa office. It also depends on how old the kids is? In my case she had a photo on my passport when she was only 3 and the time of application she was six so i was asked to make a new passport for her. But many other members where also asked to make new passports. So talk to them and hear what they will say.

    I hope this helps to guide you,

  4. Thanks for your kind reply,
    My visa office is London, and yes the children have phoos on their mother passport when they were young , now they are 4 and 8 years old. Any other insights from other members with a similar experince with London office?
  5. Ok then they need their own passports , because they have grown older and the pics do not reflect their face any longer. Please start preparing for the passports i think you do not need to ask them.

    Well, but if you still want to have a try then it is up to you.

    Wish you good luck.

  6. Hi

    They need their own passports.
  7. Good another member has just supported my view. So start applying for the passports right away.

    All will be fine.

  8. My child was 2 months old when i included his foto in the mother's passport, now he is four years old and visa has been issued in the mother's passport without asking for a new one for him. So i fill it all depends. My visa office is Rome
  9. Hai drS,
    yes, you will need independent passports for your siblings as this is-must requirement for PR-VISA for applying candidates.if there is some problem in getting full-fledged adult passports,you can ask for about some sort of Travelling Document(to go abroad)for children less than 18/21 yrs(depends upon country to country).i too got PR-VISA on travelling document for my daughter(she is 2 yrs).

  10. That is the reas on why i said it depends on the visa office. So ihad proposed that he should find out from his visa office , before taking any action.

    But to be on the safe side good t o do it now.

    Hope it helps


  11. Dear Friends
    Thanks very much for your kind replies, I think I have to wait and see. The problem that issuing Egyptian passort while I am here in the UK for the children will cost me too much!. It is a stupid system in the consulate and takes too long as well as it has to be sent to Egypt to be issued that's why i was asking. But if no way then i have to do it!. My question please when they ask for paasport do they give you a definite time also to send passports i.e. 60 days , 30 days or you can send the passport when you get them?

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