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Checking the LMO application status

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by A1meem, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Dear Friends,

    Could anyone tell me:

    1. How long does it take for HRSDC to issue a positive LMO to the employer? It's already been 6 weeks the employer says he had applied for the LMO but he hasn't yet received the LMO for my friend.

    2. How to check whether the employer has applied for LMO? What document should I ask the employer to provide as a proof that he has applied? Does the HRSDC give file number after they get the application for LMO from the employer?

    3. I know the CIC gives file number after they receive the application for PR. Do they give file number for Work permit application also?

    4. The employer says that now the positive LMO approval will not bear the candidate's name. Is it true?

  2. Responding in order:

    1. It may take up to 30 business days, the average time is 6 - 8 weeks in Ontario, but according to some comments it may take more.

    2. The employer can call to HRSDC and ask for the file number, also you (or your friend) can ask to see the application that was sent (post or fax)

    3. No that I know.

    4. Yes, can be true, an "open" LMO can be requested.

  3. Hi, we applied for LMO on the 3 of Feb, I received the letter with the file number on the Feb 9, How long will it take to have the LMO in hands? also how can i check the application status throu the net?
    Thank u!
  4. which province are you in? i think BC and Alberta normally taking 4~8 weeks and Ontario may take longer

    there is no way to check application status on the net, you must contact callcentre with file number
  5. LMO processing times are now averaging 10 to 12 weeks in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

    There is no online process for checking the status of an LMO application. Only the employer can contact Service Canada for updates.

    Names no longer appear on LMOs a worker uses to apply for work permits. However, employers do get an Annex with the worker's name but are instructed to only keep this for their records and NOT to supply it to anyone for Privacy purposes. When CIC checks the LMO confirmation number in their system, they will be able to see the worker's name.
  6. I might be misunderstanding what is being written above but what exactly is an open LMO? Does that allow me to move employers if I get one? That would be great!

    What do I have to do to make sure my visa is open of this is the case? I have applied from Ontario if that makes any difference.

    Thanks a million in advance!
  7. Anyone have any info on the open LMO mentioned above?

  8. Hi Murphn 24

    Based on what I read, An"Open LMO" is a LMO that does not bear the name of the worker on it. So in other words The employers could apply for a LMO before they actually locate a Foreign Worker, thus making it "open". (Ps. It does not allow you to have multiple employers or allow you to change employers with applying for a new LMO) :D
  9. It's not an "open" LMO. It's "blank" meaning that no workers had been indentified at the time of application. Once the worker is recruited, their name is added to the LMO.
  10. Thanks for that info! I was hoping I could switch employers! HaHa! :D

    Can employers in Ontario get an open LMO? It sounds more likely to be rejected if they can't verify who the candidate is..
  11. The candidate has nothing to do with the LMO application. Whether or not the candidate is listed will have no impact on approval or rejection of an LMO. It's all about an employer's need and the attempts they have made to hire Canadians or permanent residents by offering fair and reasonable working conditions and wages.
  12. HI,
    Can I just clarify on the named LMO. If the LMO is blank, the employer can assign it to any potential employee they would like right? But if it is named, they have to get that particular applicant and it can't be transferred to anyone right?

    Mine is named LMO so I am just curious.
  13. Man415,

    I'm pretty sure that is correct. That is my understanding of how it works.
  14. Hi Wideopenspaces,

    thanks. Anyway I'm on my 4th week of waiting for our visa. Website states it would take a average of 20 working days or 4 weeks so hoping it will be out by this week. My friends got theirs not later that 5 weeks. I have been checking my mail box 3 times a day. :D
  15. Man415,

    Exciting! Hope you get it SOON. :)

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