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cheapest college in alberta?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by bigmodo, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. does anyone know the college in alberta that has the cheapest tuition fees? i will also want to know the college in canada that have the cheapest tuition fees. thanks.
  2. Mate, cheapest colleges are not recognized plus off campus list don't carry such colleges. plus chances of Visa rejection increases .....

    Get to some good institute and once you reach Canada you can switch you any.


    Memorial University is the cheapest in Canada with Quality Education
  3. The cheaper unis or colleges are in NFL or in Manitoba. U can try both these provinces. BC, Ontario and Alberta are not cheap places to attend colleges or Unis now.
  4. What I find cheapest colleges are in Nova Scotia or New brunswick. Search it out.
  5. As stated by hasnat cheap colleges arent recognized, so its a trade off. You get what you pay for
  6. It all depends on wat u wanna do..means wat study level u wanna persue.

    I have just taken admission in Uni of Alberta in HRM certification program..its about 2 to 2 1/2 years program..consisting of 8 courses..1 course is 545$. nd there is no limit on how many courses you can take...

    if you wanna do some kind of certification of diploma i suggest u check uni of alberta.

  7. guys if anyone wants cheap and best, I suggest you choose that province which has lower per capita income mainly under 40000$ mark Like PEI , Newfoundland
  8. Hi I just want to know if you are able to apply for working visa while having this part time certificate course for international students?
  9. College = EXTREMELY low chance of visa
    Part time certificate course = NO visa

    International students MUST be full time students. If you want to become part-time student after getting in, your study permit will become invalid and you will be an illegal resident.
  10. Memorial University Newfoundland is a very cheap university that invites International students. Its fees is roughly $2000.( I am talking about Universities because they can get you visa not some "only college".) But remember for cheap, you don't usually go for quality. University of Alberta is cheap to "some" standards and so is Dalhousie and Calgary. Besides this there are several scholarships and financial aid opportunities in University of Alberta. You need to have a big university on your side if you want ensure you get a visa. Then after you get a study permit, you can go to a cheaper institution or can further talk to the financial councellor and cut your expenses. There are also several Job opportunities in Edmonton and Calgary. The cheapest university that can probably get you a visa is I think University of Newfoundland. However I am not sure.

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