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change tourist visa to work permit

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Australian111, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I am here on a tourist visa and I will have to leave the country in a few weeks.
    If there is any legal possibility to stay longer, I would love to do so. But staying longer means that I need to work.

    Does anyone have information of changing from a tourist visa to a work permit while IN Canada?
    I have researched this subject on the official site but would like to hear some personal experiences!

    Thanks alot!
  2. I am sure it's enough for you to leave to the US border to change to work permit but it can take a while to get the labour market opinion and work permit in the first place. I would not expect it to take less than 2-3 months, maybe more. Have you looked into if there is a working holiday visa available for Australians? Try swap.ca that is a canadian website but there should be a link on there somewhere for other nations.
  3. Hi Leon,

    Just for clarification, are you saying that it is legal for a tourist to change his visa entry to working visa? How do you do that? Where are you going to file the change of status?

    A friend of mine just arrived from Canada and he was able to get a job offer when he was there. Unfortunately, he was not able to get his LMO in time for the 6mons duration of his stay, thus he had no choice but to return.

  4. He could have sent in a request to extend his visitor visa. Even if he would have gotten a no answer, it buys him a couple of more months in the country while they process. An extend of visa should be filed 30 days before his visit visa expires but you can probably get away with it until it's actually expired. Should your visa expire, as long as it's less than 90 days, you can file a restoration of status form.

    Since LMO and work permit can take a long time, it might not be the best idea to come to Canada planning to stay and wait for a work permit. Better to go, get the job offer and then go back home and work, save up some more money instead of staying here for months, eating up your savings. Once you get your LMO and work permit papers, you just have to go to the border to activate. I have heard of people doing this but don't know anybody personally.
  5. Thanks Leon for the clarification !!!
  6. to leon or anybody,
    Hi! im currently in US in a student visa and i would like to move in canada to work, i might have a possible employer that maybe would like to hire me. would it be faster and better if i enter canada as a tourist and wait for everything or should i wait everything here in US?

    thank you so much..
  7. Hello All, does anyone know what I can do to change my status while in CANADA. i am planning to visit my wife who is full time student though i read on the site that i can apply for open work permit but the problem is i have limited time to stay . is it possible to submit my documents and return back to europe where i come from?

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