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Chances to get Student visa in Canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by djssaini, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    My friend have bachelors in Computer sciene from India around 8 yrs back, and been working as Computer Operator since then. Now he is interested in doing MBA from Canada. Does anyone have experience where Student visa was granted after such a big gap in education?

    He have no financial problems and have strong ties to home country, have IELTS (Academic) of score 6.0. But not sure if he can get the student visa just based on the fact that he have huge gap in education.

    Any help/opinion would be much appreciated on this.

  2. Hi..i do not think the gap wud create any problems since they is not age limit to study BUT yes the change of course wud create some sort of isuses... You said he studied computer science and now he wants to study MBA. it is a big change in course and he wud have to really jusitfy that what motivated him to change his course of study.
  3. more than to convince on the course as its ok to switch your feild. but you will ahve to convince why you are choosing Canada for higher studies especially for MBA. why not any otehr country or your own country and convince if you will not stay back.

    Its tough to reason but going prepared will help.
  4. Hi friends,

    Choosing MBA as higher degree after Computer Science is not considered as a switch from Computer Science. MBA comes in different forms such as (International Business, Digital Tech Management, Supply Chain, Financial Administration...etc) so this should not be a problem at all. This is great step toward merging tech skills and business.

  5. You need to get a work visa first before you can even come here. Unless you are a student you cannot apply for a student visa. If you are a student you'll have to show a letter of acceptance to a Canadian university first.


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