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CBSA For B4 Personal Effects Accounting Document

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by britincanada, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Upon landing you are required to have a list of goods you are bringing into Canada..


    I am required to declare myself as a settler,

    Settler (Tariff item No. 9807.00.00)

    I hereby declare that I have read and qualify for the provisions of tariff item
    No. 9807.00.00 and that:

    1.I am entering Canada with the intention of establishing, for the first time, a
    permanent residence for a period in excess of 12 months and I arrived in
    Canada on __________________ .
    2.With the exception of wedding gifts, bride's trousseau, alcoholic beverages and
    tobacco products described in the Tariff Item No. 9807.00.00 Exemption Order, all
    household and personal effects imported or to be imported by me under this
    tariff item have actually been owned, possessed, and used abroad by me prior to
    the date of my arrival in Canada.

    3.All goods imported are my personal or household property and they will not be used
    in Canada for any commercial purpose.
    4.If any item is sold or otherwise disposed of in Canada within 12 months of the
    date of its importation, I will notify a CBSA Office of such fact and pay all duties
    owing at the time.

    My Question is...All my goods are already in Canada and mostly been bought in Canada with a few exceptions..for example my fall Jacket, Digital Camera and a few Items of clothing..Am I right in thinking that if I had these Items on my person (my camera goes everywhere with me) then I should list them as settlers effects?
  2. Yes, anything you are carrying with you (or shipping after) when you land should be declared; otherwise it is subject to tax. You don't have to declare what you are wearing. Just list your camera (with serial number) and like one suitcase of clothing (you can group similar items, like clothing, together). Put a value next to each, and that's it.
  3. Ahh I get it now, even if I flagpole at the peace bridge in Buffalo I should take a small bag/suite case with my clothing/items that I brought with me from the UK in 2008? I guess they would be a bit suspicious if I didn't have anything to declare?
  4. If the stuff is already in Canada u don't need to declare it when u land it's already here. You declare the stuff you're bringing with you're shipping in from uk not the stuff you already have in Canada. If you're not having anything else shipped from uk you don't have to declare it it already cleared customs in 2008. When you land just tell them I've been here since 08 and you already have your personal affects if you're not shipping anything else in nothing to declare they see it all the time nothing will be suspicious to them
  5. My wife applied via the "in Canada" route and just recently got her landing papers. Can she now go back to her home country and bring back the rest of her belongings and claim those are Personal Effects 9807.00.00?

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