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Cannot meet residency obligation

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by dingo1982, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. No, I dont think it's a reasonable request. What I see is that you are sitting at the same table as thousands of other wanna-be immigrants. If anything, you should go to the back of the line because you actually had PR but lost it due to lack of interest on your own behalf. If your family is in TO, they can not sponsor you under a PNP because the ON PNP does not have family stream. Your only chance to get in is with a job offer. Maybe your family can help you get a job offer.
  2. All good opinion but who are you...are you an immigrant officer or something...that is pretty blunt judgement you are passing...I'm looking for better alternatives here not worse...what you are telling me does not help me...Trust me buddy I tried hard to get a job/admit in Canada...I definitely wanted to stay there and I have all intentions of moving back if the conditions are right
  3. Well, you asked for our opinions, and you got one. The risk of asking for people's opinions is that you may hear something you don't love to hear. :)

    That being said, there is no magic here, and no mysterious tricks or arcane lore which is hidden only among the participants in this forum. You are not eligible for the family stream, and your family's province does not have a PNP that is helpful in that regard either, so you'll have to find a regular way to immigrate. It may take a while, but it's the same for everyone.

  4. I think folks are sharing information to set your expectations; you should conduct your own analysis to decide on your next move and see the light.
    My 2 cents....
  5. See even you said its a good opinion. Leon is saying the facts as it is (i.e., blunt as you say it). There is no use dillydallying and giving you false hope. If you want false hope, here it is - You should just email CIC, and they will so automatically give you your PR back because nothing is more important to Canada than to take you back to your family.

    Have a Merry Christmas.
  6. Haha well said..I'm not looking for false hope but just a way to get things done faster ro some alternatives I'm not aware of...if there is none...then I guess my only option is to appeal and hope that the lawyer does a good job...else It's up to fate...whether I get the green card soon or booted to India :)
  7. Another question:

    Do I still need a visa to enter Canada if I get a US green card with Indian passport?
  8. not if you are going as a tourist. At least for now.
  9. US green card holders do not need a visa to visit Canada.
  10. Thanks guys...now I need to see what happens first...PR card, Green Card or Layoff and get booted to India :) ... I hope it's not the last one!
  11. Think positive and stay optimistic- Good luck!
  12. Alright, so now I'm finally back in Canada for a couple weeks and I need to appeal for permanent residency. Any suggestion for good lawyers in Toronto?

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