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Canada to increase validity of Indian visit visas to ten years

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by omm, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Canada will introduce a ten-year, multiple entry visit visa for Indian nationals starting in the middle of July 2011. Currently, the maximum validity of visitor visas for Indian nationals is five years.

    "The 10-year visas will be available from mid-July," said Bruce Grundison, Deputy Immigration Programme Manger of the Canadian High Commission.

    He stated that some technical issued needed to be worked out in the interim.

    According to Canadian International Trade Minister and Asia-Pacific Gateway Minister Edward Fast, the new visa regime is expected to lead to improved trade relations between Canada and India.

  2. Good News. Very much like U.S.A.
  3. correct... similar to USA visitor visa , but now USA very strict at POE(port of entry), one Rajasthani old person have USA 10years visa, he got last year so he can to Boston last winter then after 5months he back to india because he dont feel good and cold is too much that time, now the 2nd time he enter to USA than NY JFK POE asked lots of questions that : you already visited last year (some months ago) why you enter back? give us satisfactory reason, then POE officer not satisfied than another officer come to get him in inquiry room, there were 4 officers asked couple of query upto 25 to 30minutes and than they wrote some statement based on asnwer on own device, after that he free to proceed for his lugguage and exit. this person age is 67years and enver been abroad before than USA. so now USA POE people create problem to some people un-necessary.

  4. Thanks Buddy to sharing this news with us. This is hard to believe, what POE officer is doing in USA. Any way, I love this country. God bless America.
  5. hahaha me too love this America , Canada is my backup plan and in future I will be in the USA sure, becasue my father is green card holder now , sister is citizen and they already file our family GC, even I also filed my employment GC, I have nice job with Federal Government contract , earning nice but problem is GC, long stay, if I got GC soon than I never plan for backup , even if I got GC in few days than I will be a full-time permanent atleast for 10years employee for this federal government, but GC is problem for us. I already applied for USA GC 5years ago, still waiting....!

  6. What do you mean with Indian visa, my husband is from the Netherlands can we apply for this visa? if so how and were??
  7. HI

    Unless you require a TRV (visitor visa) to enter Canada, and if you are Dutch citizens, then no you can't apply for one, since you don't need one to enter Canada as a visitor.
  8. HELP visitor visa from india

    Hi My parents applied for visitor visa last week today we received the passports today saying medical required they recived some medical papers in India.I am in Canada can some one please reply is it normal or not?
  9. Re: HELP visitor visa from india

  10. it seems there visa going to be approved, cheers, unless any problem in medical it will be 100 ;D% approved.
  11. Dear Sir,

    My name is Suraj working in Dubai.I want to apply for this visa.Kinldy inform me the documents to be submitted and who should I contact for this visa.

    Any suggestions,kinldy email to surajabev@yahoo.com.

  12. Check the official CIC website for Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) for the most up to date information. Make sure you have very strong ties to your country before you apply. If you are an Indian working in another country, you will need to prove you will leave Canada at the end of the Visa. Good Luck.
  13. We had something similar back in 1988, I was with my mother and it was our 3rd Trip to USA. They let us go after questioning.
    During another incident, it was my father 6th visit and the officer says there is NO VISA? my father said it's right in there else I wouldn't travel and he called his supervisor who apologized to him and let him entry.
  14. Re: HELP visitor visa from india

    Very much normal, mu folks came a month ago and they had medicals too

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