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Can you get declined working bridge permit for applying too late?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by dohboi, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Say you got your AOR 3 weeks before your work permit expires. You send off an open bridge work permit application 2-3 weeks before, what happens? I heard it takes about 45 days to process so do they say they can't process since you sent it off too late or even if your work permit expires and your out of the country is it still processed and you can return?
  2. As long as your application is received before the expiration of your old work permit, it will be considered "on time." It will continue processing; after your old work permit expires, you will be on "implied status" as long as you remain in Canada. This means you can continue living and working in Canada under the same conditions as your old work permit, until you receive a response to your BOWP application.

    If you leave Canada during that time, you will loose implied status. Since you have to be living in Canada to be eligible for the BOWP, I don't know what impact (if any) that would have. So I would suggest that you stay in Canada until your BOWP has finished processing.
  3. "To be eligible for a bridging open WP, the following parameters must be met:

    The foreign national is currently in Canada;
    They have valid status on a WP that is due to expire within 4 months;
    They have received a positive eligibility decision on their PR application under one of the Economic Class programs above; and
    They have made application for an open WP."

    so that means I can only apply the earlierst 4 months before my WP expires? If I have 5 months left, I have to wait another month??
  4. That is correct. You have to wait.

  5. Thanks for the info :-*
  6. Do you know if the same implied status approach is valid for someone on an IEC visa?

    Much appreciated!
  7. Hi there

    With respect to BOWP: I wanted to ask if "implied status" will be given to an individual who is here on Youth Professional Visa (under IEC program)? In addition I am concerned with respect to the time guidelines. If I submit the CEC Application 1 month before the WP expires, this is obviously not enough time to receive AOR and send off BOWP application..is there an exception to this case whereby both can be submitted simultaneously, and asking the CIC to wait on the BWOP application until AOR is received?

    I am more interested to know about the "implied status" scenario.

    Thank you for letting me know
    Best regards
  8. Hi,
    I have the same concern as posted by sarx121 for the BOWP. I am applying for PR under CEC but cannot do so until another 20 days as I am unable to get an IELTS date. I wont get the AOR from the CIO office soon enough - before my work visa expires (8th September). Can I still apply for the Bridging work permit with a letter to the CIC office and wait for the AOR?

    Any advice will be appreciated.

  9. Hi

    1. No, as the IEC work permit can't be extended.
    2. No exceptions. CIC is not going to change the rules.
  10. This is incorrect. I am currently working under Implied Status as I have applied for a BOWP and my IEC work permit has expired. My BOWP application was managed by an immigration lawyer.
  11. Please see this thread: http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/got-my-bowp-approved-without-submitting-aor-t153061.0.html

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