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Can Some One Help Please???

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by afridi2482, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Hey guys i applied for study permit in CHC Islamabad, Pakistan on 7th feb..got medical call on 24th march and sent back my passport on 28 march.. still waiting for my visa to come.. missed May session already.. Emailed them so many times and even Faxed them but no response. got a call from high commission on 4th may and asked me my phone numbers, email addresses and travel history which i provided .. they said itx just a security check and they will reply in 2 weeks but they havent replied as yet.. What should i do? Is there any mean to know the status of my application??? wt do u guys think how long wil they take more to assess my case ??? please answer.. thanks...
  2. Dear Afridi,

    Please be patient and hold your emotions, InsAllah Very soon you will get Visa and able to fly Canada.

    As u told in your post it is normal process time. Good thing is that u have done your medical and return the passport. Its mean that your is case near to good end.

    One thing I wana know, after done your medical, CHC Islamabad ask for passport via mail or email or phone or they instructed with medical to send back passport after medical or you just send back passport by self.

    Do not email or fax them. its create bad impression of you.

    take care
    wish u best of luck

  3. @satifhr... welll thanks bro for ur kind message.. indeed it boosted my morale somehow.. well ya my brother who is in UK also told me not to mail them bcoz it creates bad impression so at the moment i am jux waiting man.. lets hope for the best ... Ummm!!! well itx a normal practice to send ur PP back and its hard for me to remember but i guess they mentioned it in their medical to send back passport for further processing.. how about u?? whats ur timeline.../?
  4. AOA

    Dear Bro

    It is my honor that because of me your morale goes up.

    Well as concern to my case I applied for WP (Work Permit) in last December with my whole family.

    After long wait I received my medical with all my family members passport in mid of May probably 13 of May.

    I have done my medical on 26 of May.

    Now I am waiting for next response.

    Actually I am little bit confuse about return of passport because CHC Islamabad did not sent any instructions about passport.

    As normal Practice passports are send back to embassy for visa stamp so I worry about that....

  5. its not a big deal man.. even if u dont send it and they wana give u visa they will call u and ask u to send them ur passport... so not to worry about...
  6. Dear Afridi

    Any new update about your case ...............................?

  7. When i get any update on my visa inshallah in a positive way and when i get my visa every person on the forum will know that i have got visa... it wud be lyk BOOM BOOM AFRIDI...HAHAH... jux pray bross...
  8. Hi Boom Boom Afridi sahib

    Any update............Any news ....

    Any "Soongun" about CHC Islamabad from other resources...........

    Lets keep swimming .....Keep swimming, One day we get the edge

  9. huh!!! how long man. i dont want to be iron man..
  10. AOA

    Dear Afridi

    Any update ...................?

  11. Bro... Still waiting ... i mailed them and they didnt even reply... i need prayers badly...
  12. hi all of you i need to know that, i must attest my educational documents from hec before applying for SW1
  13. Hi Bro

    Any Update ?

  14. I already got my visa quite a long time ago.. alhamdolillah... right now in Univ of Calgary alhamdolillah
  15. It is great to know...with the thank of GOD I also got work permit and very soon i will be there....................

    wish u best of luck


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