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Can my wife come to Canada while her application is being processed??...

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by webmonkey8, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Hello, I just finished all the grueling hours of research and finally sent out my application to sponsor my wife, who is Japanese, living in Japan. I'm a Canadian citizen recently just came back from Japan after 3 years. We got married in Japan.

    Our plan is for her to join me in Canada this October, however, I realize that the processing times will be way longer than this and she probably won't receive the Permanent Residency card before she comes.

    My question is, can she still come to Canada this October while waiting for her permanent residency status? I believe she will have to come here on a 6 month visitor visa and can renew again it while she waits, right? I guess she will have to buy a return ticket to show the Canadian immigration officers that she's not planning to stay, correct? Also, I'm just afraid that the officers may be suspicious because her last name on her passport is my last name, since we're married (so, it's not Japanese sounding). So they may ask her where her husband is now....etc. I'm concerned that she might get caught somehow...

    Also, the Canadian immigration office responsible for processing Japanese applicants is in Manila, Philippines. Therefore, it will be processed there. Will she have to write a letter to the Canadian consulate in Manila and request them to send her the Permanent Residency card to our address here in Canada? Is that allowed?

    Also, if this is possible, I believe she must exit Canada and re-enter (from USA) to get the Permanent Residency stamped and official. Is this correct?

    I just want to know if she will be able to come this October with no problems...

    Many thanks in advance! :)
  2. webmonkey8

    It doesn't sound like you followed the directions. Since your wife was living outside Canada, you should have sent your forms to Mississauga, Ontario. As you've already sent your wife's application to Manila, I think it'll probably be returned.

    This link will give you all the forms and instructions.

  3. thaiguy - thanks for your response. Actually, I did send my application to Mississauga, Ontario. :) I was just saying that the Mississauga office will then send it to Manila for further processing. I understand if the sponsored person is living outside of Canada in his/her country, the Canadian visa office responsible for processing that visa will be done.

    So, she can still come to Canada this October while it's being process, right? Could you and anyone else have answers to my questions in my previous post? Many thanks!
  4. hello, your wife can come to Canada as a visitor, but she is not guarenteed to be permitted entry. they can deny you for anyreason, but my wife has come to visite me many times with only minor delays at immigration in the airport. you can renue your visitors visa by leaving the country and comming back through, but again, you are not guarenteed entry. this is not illegal and on the advise of a very good lawyer, you should tell the truth at immigration. she is your wife, she is visiting you for x months and then will be leaving the country. you should also tell them that you have an application for sponsorship already being processed. it also helps your case because it shows that your relationship is genuine and continuing.
  5. Hi deedee, thanks for your reply. When you're saying that it's better to tell the immigration officer the truth, wouldn't it be like, "raising the red flag" for them? I mean, the immigration officer would know that my wife will want to enter without a PR card. Would she get denied entry until she shows her PR card?

    Has your wife gone through the same thing? What kind of minor delays, specifically, were you mentioning about?

    Ok, so if you tell the immigration officer the truth ("my sponsorship is in process...so please let me in"...), is that allowed?
  6. Hi

    Tell the truth, they know (if they wish to check FOSS) that the application is in process. Lie, it is misrepresentation, 2 year ban.

  7. pmm - thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I agree that she should be 100% honest with the immigration officers. Now, once that's over and done with, will she be able to notify the visa office in Manila to have her PR card sent to our home address in Canada, instead of her home in Japan? Should this be by letter, phone, etc.?
  8. Hi

    She will get a Passport Request from Manila when they are ready to issue the visa. They don't send the PR card. She has to send her passport to Manila for the insertion of the visa. Manila may not return the passport to Canada, quite a number of office will not send the passport outside their area of jurisdiction. You will have to contact Manila to see if they will send the passport to Canada or if it will only be sent to Japan.


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