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Can i sponsor my husband even if I don't have work?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by djmonay, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hello guys,

    I just submitted my sponsorship application last May 26,2010 and so much worried that it might be disapproved/denied because I don't have work right now. I've read a lot of forums and some were saying that the visa officer might question the application since I dont have any source of income. I am not receiving any welfare nor government assistance though. And some of my income right now are from my savings/earnings, some are from my mother because I'm living with her. How true was it?

    I am a permanent resident since April 8, 2009 and stayed here in Canada for 6months and only worked for 5months in a Laboratory and resigned, then went back in the Philippines to get married. I just went back here in Canada last May 4, 2010 and was not able to look for a job because I'm pregnant and due on August,2010. I just also applied for my E.I and still waiting for it to be approved too.

    Please help. Do you think, they will not approve my spouse' application because I am not currently working and doesn't have any source of income? But I wrote on a separate sheet of paper I attached that I will be working as soon as I give birth. :-[

  2. djmonay, I'm in almost exactly the same situation as you're in now. I'm pregnant with my second and I do have a job at the moment but it's part time and I work for my mom. I dunno how CIC will assess that though..

    I haven't submitted my application yet, I'm still in the process of putting everything together just to make sure that I don't miss anything. I asked the same questions here before and they told me that income shouldn't be an issue when you're sponsoring your husband as they said that there is no minimum income requirement for cases like ours but CIC does need to know how you'll be able to support your hubby once he gets here.
  3. yes u can

    pregnency is life u cannot change that. canada does not want u have job to bring husband. u can still apply
  4. @ cezvi:

    yeah, there is no minimum income requirement if you're sponsoring your husband but what i'm worried about is I only have little amount left on my bank account and I didn't include it on the letter I attached. My mistake was I also didn't explain well how will I support my husband if in case he will be approved. I just wrote there,"I will work as soon as I give birth" (so that i'll be able to support my husband) but I don't think they will be convinced with such reasons :(. I also didn't put there that my mother is willing to help us once my husband arrives.

    I am crossing my fingers. I don't know if the application will be approved.
    Thanks though. Goodluck to us :)

    @ joecreosta:

    yeah, some say that I don't have to have a job when sponsoring but the problem is on how will I support him because I am unemployed right now. :(
  5. tell him to get on his feet and look for work. how hard is that?

    canada is land of opportunity
  6. You dont have to prove an income.They do assume that as soon as he gets her he will apply for a job too.And you put that your mother is willing to help until you have given birth.Dont stress about it too much.
    If they require you to do an interview and they ask how are you going to support yourself tell them you have a little savings and as soon as your husband is approved he will be getting a job and as soon as you can return to work you will.
    People have gotten approved on EI.And with no income,so just be patient wait to see what they say.
  7. @ joecreosta:

    that is really what we'll gonna do when he arrives here. but for now, I am so worried that our application might be denied because I don't have income to support him during his 1st weeks of stay here. I hope the visa officer will serve as an angel to us:D

    Do you think we will be approved? Thanks

    @ iarblue:

    I didn't write in the letter explaining that my mother is willing to help us :( but that's what will happen.
    Thanks a lot! :)
  8. Well i dont think they can deny you just because you dont have a job right now because your pregnant as there is no income requirement.
  9. thanks iarblue :)

    yeah, we'll just wait for the result and I hope it will be approved :)
  10. Well if its a straight forward application and the only issue you have is a job im pretty sure you will be fine.Good luck keep us posted
  11. yeah, that is only the problem we think we could be denied.

    I will,Thanks so much. Hoping that the result will be mailed to us on the 1st week of july :)
  12. it will be fine 100% sure because income is not required
  13. I just wish I'd read more topics on this forum before so that I could've started spousal application for my husband while I was still with him. By now, I guess we could've just been waiting on "decision made" and not starting on the application process..

    Good luck djmonay!
  14. You do not need an income or a job to sponsor your spouse. Your application will not be refused because of that.
    It's good to give proof of how you and your spouse will support yourselves when the spouse gets to Canada - any proof of your future plans is good. So I would have included evidence that my mother was going to support us until we got jobs on the application. However, your spouse can always talk about this and provide proof at his interview.
  15. @ cezvi: it's not too late :) thank you :)

    @canadian woman:

    I didn't include proofs in my application aside from the letter I attached explaining that I will be working as soon as I give birth. Yeah, I should have included evidence that my mother is willing to support us. but if they ask for an interview then perhaps we could just show them a letter stating that my mother is willing to do so :).

    Thankyou :)

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