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can i get study visa without ielts

Discussion in 'International Students' started by jatt420, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. please tell me is it possible that i can get study visa Canada without ielts

  2. oopsssssss......... IMPOSSIBLE.. if u r residing in the country or completed ur previous study
    where english is not the first language then i dont think its possible..

    or may be it only possible if u show u r gud in english as ur previous institutes language of instructions
    was english or things like that..
    its better to take ielts//
  3. thanx,, actually some consultant from Chandigarh said that they have tie ups with some collages which not required ielts.

    but with your advice i will go to do ielts in Chandigarh.
  4. yup some colzs dont require ielts but its your future dear so
    u have to not follow consltnts totly...

    after good ielts score u will have many doors open for u means many colzzsss
    to choose from..
    dere are very few cnsltnts who actly think of ur future dey only want deir share of money from colz
    to which dey have ties.. n none have any ties wid embsy.. its all ur profile dat matters..
  5. ok,,,, i have done my graduation from 2005 to 2008 but because of my reappear of one subject i have complete it in 2011, is it matter for my visa and how???
  6. as i told m not an expert but i think it can affect ur visa..
    profile/study history only matters..
    but u can give it a chance with good ielts, funds, sop etc...
  7. yes u can apply for canada without ielts in univesity of regina in SINP and in this forum also a person who got visa without ielts for jan intake..

    but as hani saying that ielts makes other doors open also so go for ielts as well if u can do easily,.
  8. thanx jyoti,

    i have graduated from punjab technical university and it is not in those universities which are Exempted from English Language Requirements by university of rigina.

    i think that person who got visa have done his last qualification from these universities which are Exempted from English Language Requirements-----

    Andhara University
    Anna University
    Annamalai University
    Birla Institute of Technology (Ranchi)
    Birla Institute of Technology and Science
    Cochin University of Science & Technology
    Gauhati University
    Indian Institute of Science
    Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay)
    Indian Insitute of Technology (Delhi)
    Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur)
    Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur)
    Indian Institute of Technology (Madras)
    Indian School of Mines
    Javaharlal Nehru Tec University
    Karnatak University
    Loyala College
    Mahatma Gandhi University
    Mangalore University
    Thapar Institute of Engineering & Tec
    University of Hyderabad
    University of Kashmir
    University of Kerala
    University of Mumbai
    University of Roorkee
    Visvevaraya Tec University Balgaum
  9. Hi,

    He is from IIT (Kharagpur), now going for Ph.d in Canada, with over $20,000 scholarship.

    Atleast in your case IELTS is a MUST. You may get admission without IELTS, but what about the visa requirement of IELTS ?

    You already hold a weak academic with lots of gap and wishing for IELTS waiver. There is nothing wrong in applying with a weak academics, but certainly it makes you fall into a category of 'potential immigrant' (atleast from the VO's perspective).
  10. okkkkk..... i think now i have to move my target to another country or stay in India for my whole life....thanx everyone....

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