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can I be a live-in or live-out caregiver and not apply for the caregiver program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by nanamink99, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I am working in canada on a noc b position, I would like to become either a live-out or a live-in caregiver. As I already have a work permit,
    is that a way an employer can apply for a normal work permit, that is not part of the live in program?

    If I did go through the live-in caregiver program, could I just apply to change my current work permit or would i have to leave the country and restart the process again(medicals,etc..)?

  2. Do you have experience as a nanny or live in caregiver or have you taken a care giving training course? To be part of the LCP you can send your application to the US (NYC or LA), then "flagpole" to obtain your WP.

    You can also apply as a temporary foreign worker but would have to leave Canada after four years of gainful employment. As a temporary foreign worker you can send your WP to Vegreville together with the necessary docs (your current WP, new LMO, etc)

  3. Hello, i received your msg, but i cannot reply directly
    for sunlife, most of their job is sell employed, and the paid is depends on what ur sales.
    but for my situation, i did not discuss the salary with them, and i am not working here, i just want to make sure if possible to apply PR through CEC

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