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can i apply now for 2012 sept batch for MSc Computer science in canada

Discussion in 'International Students' started by simran148, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. please suggest me some of the good Canadian universities for Masters Msc of computer science
    i have done B.tech CSE...
    if i apply to any of the good university in 1-2 days... can i get admission in september 2012 batch ..????

    I need ur suggestions guyss.....!!!! Help me pls....
  2. please friends.... if u have any idea about my problem... pls help me....
  3. Hi,

    There many Universities across Canada, where you can pursue your Master's at CSE. To know the available options; 1st check out the list of recognized Colleges and Universities (listed Province wise) as per CIC, which 'll allow you to apply for PGWP after completion of your course. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/institutions/participants.asp

    Next thing is you need to select some of the Universities which offers Masters of CSE, and start applying. Here is the list of top ranking Universities across Canada. http://www.4icu.org/ca/ This is not a perfect ranking, yet it will give you an idea of top Universities. Now select the Universities you may consider, visit the Univ. websites and check individually on each univ website, whether they offer Master's in CSE or not Or what is the admission procedure or what will be the deadline for application submission.. Most top Universities offer Masters in CSE/ CSE & Electrical Engineering. But you need to do the research...and decide as to where to apply!

    You may choose to study in top or medium ranked universities as per your academic record or you may choose to study in a particular province, for example Ontario(most popular followed by BC among English speaking provinces), where as per current rules, Master's degree holders passing out from an Ontario based University can directly apply for PR (Permanent residency) under Ontario PNP, without a job offer! Similar scheme is also available for those passing out form any of the 2 Universities in Saskatchewan province.

    You must keep in mind, that admissions standards to the Canadian Universities are high, and usually very competitive(especially to the top universities). You need a minimum of 70%/ B average (usually a minimum of first class record is required for Indian students) (depending upon the University) in your Bachelor's degree, good IELTS score (minimum 6.5 overall, with no bands less than 6.0, in some cases it may be higher at 7.0 or 7.5, as per programme requirements in top universities).. all these requirement..just for being eligible to apply to the Master's degrees. Other conditions may exist as per individual programme/University requirements.

    I think, if you hurry and appear for IELTS as soon as possible (very good if you already got an IELTS score)... it's still not late and you may gain admission to the Sept.'12 intake, depending upon the prevailing circumstances OR mostly you can look forward to apply in Jan '13 intake.

    Best of luck.
  4. Hello,
    check the link below.
    you will find universities list offering the course master MSC of computer science

    Admission requirement for the course

    deadline to apply for admission
  5. University of Regina and Saskatchewan(Admission processing time 40 days) and Dalhousie(15 days). And both have MS Computer Science Program. These are affordable and reputable. (Both... IELTS Requirement 6.5)

    Universities which give admission within 10 days
    1) Waterloo, Toronto, NBC, Western Ontario and York Universities.
    2) IELTS 7.0, Percentage required 75%.
    3) For fall .... 1 March... For Winter.... 31 July For Spring.... 1 January (Approximate Deadline)
  6. Consider Concordia University Montreal Also........
  7. thnkuu soo mchh friends...... can u pls tell me 1 more thing also.... that i should pursue my MS from usa or canada..???? as i have heaard dat there is not a good scope of job after doing MS from canada..... thereafter aftr studing soo mch...one has to do small petty jobs.....on the other side if i will do the same from usa , there are vry good job oppurtunities.... is dis so...???? i m not dat aware of this thing... pls suggest me friends... i need ur help
  8. Hi,
    It really depends on you, your skills to bag a job be it in Canada, States or any where else! Saying this.. even though United State's economy is screwed up.... I still believe..if one is academically brilliant, very good record, can score high in GRE+TOEFL... can get admission to a top grade/Ivy league American universities (with full/partial funding)...U.S.A is the place to do M.S/PHD in Engineering/Science related fields..because..the amount and levels of cutting edge research done, possibility of getting funding, moving further for PHD or possibility of getting a job in the field of pure sciences/Engineering is much higher when passing out of U.S ivy leagues or other top grade Universities. So, if you are confident of your academic record, talent and actual serious study is your main goal..then in my opinion U.S Ivy leagues is the place to be! At the same time, Canadian top universities are also very good... and some of the best like Univ. of Toronto, UBC may provide funding for M.S.

    If getting PR is your main goal..then enroll in any University in Canadian provinces of Ontario or Saskatchewan, and after completion of studies you can easily apply for PR, whereas..to get American green card ..after bagging a job you may need to keep working for another 7 years atleast!

    And fact is, not all Canadian Master's graduates do petty work nor all American Master's graduates get good jobs..and it really ultimately depends on you..your talents and skills.

    In my opinion, if you cannot get into the best of best Ivy league American universities... doing M.S from the top most/Best level Canadian University such as Univ. of Toronto or UBC will be the next best option..as these both Canadian Universities are rated among the top Universities of North America..provide same or near same research/learning opportunities as the ivy league American Universities, and at the same time your chances for Canadian PR will be realistic..as compared to a long wait for an American green card.
    Ultimately, you 've to consider your long term aspirations.. Weigh your priorities and take an informed decision.

    Best of Luck.
  9. thnku soo mchhhh @tiger... u r really helpfull ... god bless uuu
  10. You are welcome!

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