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Buying a car without Ontario driving license

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ahaboubi, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to buy and register a car without having an Ontario driving license and within the first two months after landing?

  2. In BC, it's possible. Ontario should be the same.
  3. Buying -- Not a problem...
    However, registering it [getting the No. Plates] is going to be problematic. 'Coz, for the No. Plates u need Insurance - and for the insurance u need a Driving License !

  4. Thanks for the reply, steaky and qorax. I guess I'll have to wait till getting the license.
  5. Why not ask an auto-insurance agency? They will have the correct answer.
  6. Well, in BC you can get the insurance even with your home country driving license. If you have the claim history letter from auto insurance companies from your home country, you can get discount on the auto insurance!
  7. In ON they care a ___ for any external license... neither for the Insurance Rate [thru an ON license] with an overseas Clean Driving History... we just have to pay thru our nose.

    U guys in BC r lucky !
  8. Ok, here comes a question related to this… I should be moving to Canada next June and would be looking for a car to buy… I hold a G driving license (1 year old) and my wife holds a G2 driving license (1 year old).

    If I register the car in my name, would my wife be able to drive it? Or it is more dependent on the insurance? Can we jointly be registered for the insurance or what’s the score in ON?

    I would really appreciate the best scenario?

    Buy the car in my name or my wife’s
    What to do with the insurance?

    Note: My wife would be the one driving the car most of the time…
  9. 1. Yes, that scenario is available in ON.
    2. Both of u can be party to the same insurance as well... one gets to be the Primary Driver, while the other becomes 'Secondary Driver'.


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