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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by omm, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. anyone have blank VISA/IMMIGRATION (Hard-Card FD 258) A COMPLETED FD 258 TEN-PRINT FINGERPRINT CARD. I need for California DOJ, please if anyone have this blank FD 258 then share.
    or please advice that :
    manual finger print is needed or Live scan ellectronic also good to submit for california justice visa immigration.
    please helpout.
  2. Most police stations and finger printing agencies have FD 258 cards in stock. Police stations charge a nominal fee to provide finger print service. I had mine done at my local police station for $5.00. It is difficult to find blank FD 258 cards because for some reason their supply seems to be regulated. Electronic scans, if acceptable, have to be done by an agency approved by California DOJ.
  3. I know that but my police station is too small they have Manual and Live scan process. but they dont have Blank FD258, I want to go for California DOJ Background Clearance, I even try to find nearest 65miles all towns stationary butthey dont have single form and even town and city hall also dont have it. trouble to get blank form, police station guys told me they dont have it so arrange yourself.
    can anyone or PMM guide me to go for livescan finger print?
  4. If you are in California, one may be able to find a FBI Hard Copy Fingerprint Card (FD-258) at some of the California Live
    Scan Fingerprint Cents. The rolling may vary at the different locations, but suggest contacting the Live Scan Site directly to inquire.

    These FBI Ink Cards are typically used for Immigration, FBI Police Reports, and for employment purposes. You can also contact your local law enforcement agency and see if they have the correct ink cards on hand and to see if they are "readily available" to provide such services to the public. To learn more about fingerprinting services for the FBI Hard Copy (or Fingerprint Ink Card FD-259) visit www LiveScan-Fingerprinting(dot)net or call us 888-498-4234.

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