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Baby born during the course of spouse visa application....

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by atinder, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Hi
    I am a Canadian resident and had applied for my spouse's sponsorship in June this year. At the time of her medical , it was clear that she is pregnant with my baby. Now, as her file is in process, she has given birth to a child. I am very confused that whether to intimate the Canadian high commission through email or to just apply for a fresh sponsorship of my baby. I was told that if I intimate the authorities, my wife's file could also be put on hold. Please help me with getting my family as soon as possible to Canada. I shall be really thankful.

  2. TRY to add your baby as your dependent :)
  3. The baby MUST be added to your wife's application and be examined. If you do NOT do so, your baby will be excluded from the Family Class and cannot be sponsored after that. This point cannot be over-emphasized. Do NOT let your wife land as PR before you sort this out.

    An email to the CHC is NOT sufficient.
  4. Was the baby born in Canada? If not, are you a Permanent Resident or are you a Citizen?
  5. Do I need to start the baby's case from the beginning from the case processing centre at Missisauga or could I just forward the dependant declaration to the regional office, as my wife's file has already reached the regional office at New Delhi from Canada. I shall be really thankful if you could help me with this a bit more specifically.
  6. You don't have to start from the beginning. I would start with a CSE Case Specific Enquiry to your VO. Others have also done this and may provide input.
  7. I am a permanent resident of Canada and the baby was born in India. My wife's application is also pending in India.
  8. You must write to the visa office with your case number and inform that your wife has given birth and that you will be adding the infant to the sponsorship application.

    Then go through all the forms and sort out which forms would include the baby on them. Re-do those forms and send them to the visa office.
  9. Did the people who told you that if you tell the authorities about the baby, your wife's file could be put on hold, also tell you that if you do not tell the authorities about the baby, and your wife lands, you will never be able to sponsor the child?
    You have to add the child to your wife's application. Do what Leon suggested.
  10. this is cic answer i am in same situation:

    Madame, Monsieur,

    Merci d'avoir communiqué avec Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada. Il me fait plaisir de faire suite à votre requête :

    Ajout - Parrainage d’un membre de la famille de la catégorie du regroupement familial – Époux, conjoint de fait, partenaire conjugal ou enfant à charge

    Un *membre de la famille du demandeur principal, même s’il n’était pas inclus dans la demande initiale, pourrait être ajouté à la demande. Toutefois, il est impossible d’ajouter un membre de la famille à une demande si la décision finale a été rendue par le bureau canadien des visas.

    Pour ajouter une personne à votre demande, vous devez télécharger et imprimer les formulaires suivants à partir de notre site Web et l’envoyer au Centre de traitement des demandes (CTD) à Mississauga, en Ontario :

    un nouveau formulaire Demande de parrainage, entente de parrainage et engagement (IMM 1344) complété par le répondant et le cas échéant, le cosignataire;
    un nouveau Formulaire de demande générique pour le Canada (IMM 0008) et les documents justificatifs, si vous ajoutez un membre de la famille qui est au Canada et la demande est toujours en traitement au CTD à Mississauga, en Ontario;
    un nouveau formulaire Évaluation du parrainage (IMM 5481) complété par le répondant et le cosignataire, dans le cas de l’ajout d’un cosignataire (si applicable);


    la demande d’ajout incluant :
    votre numéro d’identification (ID) du client;
    une lettre explicative;
    une photocopie de votre certificat de naissance, de votre certificat de mariage ou des preuves de votre relation de conjoints de fait; et
    la preuve de paiement.

    Vous devez écrire AJOUT sur le formulaire et sur l’enveloppe. Si vous voulez une preuve que votre demande a été reçue, nous vous suggérons d'utiliser le courrier recommandé de Postes Canada ou un service de messagerie comme Purolator, UPS, FedEx, etc. L’adresse postale du CTD est la suivante:

    Adresse Postale

    CTD Mississauga
    C.P. 6100, Station A
    Mississauga (Ontario) L5A 4H4

    Adresse de Messagerie

    CTD Mississauga
    2, Robert Speck Parkway,
    Suite 1200
    Mississauga (Ontario) L4Z 1H8

    Vous ou les membres de votre famille devrez également informer le bureau canadien des visas au sujet de l’ajout de cette personne à la demande.

    * Un membre de la famille est un époux, conjoint de fait, enfant à charge ou l’enfant à charge d’un enfant à charge.
  11. And here is the Google translate version of that French:


    Thank you for contacting Citizenship and Immigration Canada. I am pleased to respond to your request :

    Added - Sponsoring a family member of the family class - Spouses , common-law partner , conjugal partner or dependent child

    * A family member of the principal applicant , even if it was not included in the initial application, could be added to the application. However , it is impossible to add a family member to an application if the final decision was made ​​by the Canadian visa office.

    To add a person to your request , you must download and print the following forms from our website and send it to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Mississauga, Ontario :

    a new Application to Sponsor , Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking (IMM 1344) completed by the respondent and, if applicable , the co-signer ;
    a new Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) and supporting documents , if you add a family member who is in Canada and the request is still being processed at CPC Mississauga, Ontario ;
    a new form Sponsorship Evaluation (IMM 5481) completed by the sponsor and co-signer , in the case of adding a co-signer ( if applicable);


    including the request to add :
    your identification number (ID) of the client;
    an explanatory letter ;
    a photocopy of your birth certificate, your marriage certificate or proof of your relationship to common law , and
    proof of payment .

    You should write on the form ADD and on the envelope. If you want proof that your application has been received, we suggest you use registered mail by Canada Post or a courier such as Purolator , UPS, FedEx , etc. . The mailing address of the CPC is as follows:

    Postal Address

    CPC Mississauga
    P.C. 6100, Station A
    Mississauga ( Ontario ) L5A 4H4

    Mail address

    CPC Mississauga
    2 Robert Speck Parkway,
    Suite 1200
    Mississauga ( Ontario ) L4Z 1H8

    You or your family members will also need to inform the Canadian visa office about adding this person on demand.

    * A family member is a spouse, de facto spouse, dependent child or dependent child of a dependent child .
  12. "You or your family members will also need to inform the Canadian visa office about adding this person on demand."
    The bolded part should say "to the application."
    I would also write "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" on the forms and the envelope, not "add".
  13. I would write "adding family member to application" but not important what they write as long as they send the forms.

    As for the consequences of not doing it, the visa granted to the wife based on no children is actually invalid if she has already had children in the meantime. If she lands on this visa without having added the baby, she will be committing misrepresentation and it is possible that immigration would revoke her PR.
  14. Hello,
    I am sponsoring my wife and she is pregnant (13 weeks). I sent passport to New Delhi office in July. Should I notify the visa office or is it too early to notify them? Her medicals is expiring in March.
  15. You sent passport to ND office for? Did they request passport for stamping? or is it part of the process?...You could inform the Visa Office about the pregnancy with a medical proof, file number etc - it is always better to keep them informed.

    If your wifes PR is approved and stamped before the birth...there is nothing you can do about it. Then if your child is born in canada - its good and simple (since he/she will be canadian by birth)...if not you will have to file a sponsorship application for your new born - processing time is a few months.

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