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Australia Vs Canada Immigration

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by anumatri, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hello all

    I want to Discuss about Australia Vs Canada Immigration diffrence

    Please suggest me that which country is better Australia or Canada .

    1) which one is good
    2) which one is good for JOB (IT JOB)
    3) Life
    4) other advantage
  2. 2) which one is good for JOB (IT JOB) - Australia

    I don't have much info, so won't be able to compare the two.
    Since I am working in USA, preferring Canada
    But someone working in India in IT, Australia could be preference, as IT market has better scope in Australia compare to Canada, at the moment.
  3. so far i have heard australia is better regarding climate, job oppurtunities, salaries, jobs
  4. Pittabread: Sorry, but I am having a hard time trying to type here, lol...have you seen ANYTHING about Australia's climate in the past 6 months that would make you think it was BETTER than Canada? Those poor Auzzie's have had everything nature can hurl at them, cyclones, droughts, fires, floods, N,S,E,W, CENTRAL. They've had it all!
  5. I I Mam,Canadian Immigration is much much better than any other immigration.
  6. Pros and Cons

    1) Australia is much faster than Canada, Canada changed their system but still can't compete with Australia
    2) Salaries are little higher in Australia but similarly check IMF world purchasing index Australia ranks higher than Canada so no much difference
    3) Canadian employer like Canadian experience, but Australian employers don't put much weight on Australian experience to give job but will help to negotiate higher salary
    4) Weather don't ask Canada is no way comparable to Auz
    5) Job opportunities in both countries
    6) Worst case for Australia is racism in Australia much higher, Canada is not clean it has but lowest in any western country
  7. Australia not Racist please....they might be careful of certain communities who plans to blow up buildings in Australia has been foiled or these communities discriminate against western people -like not taking guide dogs in cars because its against their religion....openly blaming western women/culture...cant expect Australian to accept hate against them...no country will...
  8. ^^^You have the right to support Australia and i agree with you those who are living in western world should accommodate western culture and should not try to impose their religious or cultural principles on local culture. But its a fact supported by UN as well, Australia has highest number of reported killing in western world for foreign people esp students. My own experience was not good as well, my previous firm was jointly working with one of the top consulting firm (ranked 1st or 2nd) on a project for large EU based MNE, I visited several sites of this client in Australia and I was surprised by the attitude of the management of Australian Affiliate.
  9. how soon people are getting PR in Ausralia ? Comapre to Buffalo -:)
  10. Aus normally a year, buffalo am waiting for Meds my file was transfered on 22/12/2009
  11. aus immigration policy is going 2 change from july
  12. zulkfal

    i received 2nd aor in oct ? from buffalo

    any idea how soon i get any news ?
  13. they change it every month... no surprise
  14. difficult question to answer, lots of people are waiting to hear from Buffalo (am in same boat) but don't expect meds before end of summer 2011 expect some dramatic change. People who received AOR in mid April are still waiting to hear from Buffalo for Meds and don't trust ecase as its not giving correct information.
  15. well im a 25 yr old australian and i can honestly tell you, my husband amd i are saving to move to canada hopefully we are sick of australia yeah weather might be nice but more then half of the people here are in it for them selves, uptight racist hating ferals.

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