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asylum seeker

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by helpme, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Im seeking asylum stay in CANADA the based on the following ground, I think my situation is different and unique as a result i jus had to know if i do stand a chance to seek asylum:

    I am :

    - discreet gay guy

    - residing in Jamaica Wi

    -also an identical twin of a highly homophobic gang brother that will do anything to protect his image and repuation.

    my problem is my brother threatens my live everyday for being gay and also different for not being like him which is straight, thug behaving, socialling, partying, and in gang with his crew.

    he wishes i was dead, and he plans to kill me sooner or later with his friends and gangs he told me personally.

    Im a soft, introverted person, a pharmacy tech, also Im an avid dancef (but i dont puruse dancing to showcase my talent because my brother said he kill me)

    I dont want my sexual orientation to be publicly known so i lock myself myself in my room and i dont do anything r go anywhere. I resign my job and stop attending school. Im suicidal because i am scared and even thouh my brother told if i go overseas he will hire someone to find and kill me.

    I feel Im not safe nowhere. As long as i am alive and we are sharing the same appearance and face for the rest of our lives and he will get rid of me with his thugs friends.

    I run away before to a another community for 9 months and he found me and it continues....

    Im a private person and he wants to discriminate me publicly to have persons attack me.

    Persons came to me that my brother told them i was gay and he was gonna kill me.

    Im suffocating and i cant breathe literally,

    is there any help for me? I can work and futher my studies which is to be a pharmacist and fund for myself and contribute positively to your society

    i tried leaving this island by applying for a tourist visa, a student visa( i was even scam before trying investment to find the money for the non resident tuition fee so i would be able to study overseas) and was denied serveral times.

    finally someone told me about asylum visa , and i want to try it.

    as long as i am alive,Im not safe until either one of our lives in removed from this face of earth he told me. juss to protect his our image.

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