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Applying work permit at the border

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Kay-AB, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. My friend, who has been on a "visitor record" based on her children's study permit for two years, received an LMO from a hotel for a housekeeper position. She will be making a trip to the border this weekend to get her work permit on her entry (she's from travel visa exmept country).

    Her children are currently on study permits. But with her new work permit, she now wants to add them as her dependents (and no longer as study permits).

    Three questions:
    - Do the children have to accompany her to the border? I assumed they do becasue they aslo need to get stamped as her dependent on their passports. But I'm not so sure.
    - Does she need a new medical done? She had her medical 2 years ago when she first came to Canada as accompanying parents of her children (study permits then).
    - I heard it's gotten much tougher at the border since Apr 1. Anyone with some info at the border as to how tough it has been?
    Some people say it's easier to get status change to a work permit if you leave and enter Canada by "air" NOT by "land". Is this true?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Can someone please provide advice on this? Thank you in advice
  3. Why does she want to change their status? That doesn't make sense as it won't help them in anyway.
    If she hasn't left Canada then very doubtful she will have to redo the medical.
    No, it's not easier to obtain the WP arriving by air as opposed to land. Same procedures for both except when flagpoling at a land border, she must make it clear to the US officials that she does NOT want to enter the US, but wants to flagpole and re-enter Canada. They will issue her a turnaround slip and she will be instructed to go to the Canadian side. When she reaches the Canadian side, she tells the CBSA officer that she wants to apply for a work permit.
  4. Thank you rjessome.

    My understanding is because of their tuition as study visa holder.
  5. If they are private school or university/college students, international rates for student tuition will still apply.
  6. Did your friend get a visa, because I want to do the same thing apply for the WP at the border.
  7. Thank you very much for this information. This is very helpful since my friends are I are planning to go the border next week. i would just like to ask if we need to fill up application forms for the work permit.
    Also, my work permit expires Jan. 19, does it mean I have to pay for the restoration fee too at the border? Thanks in advance for the information. God bless you.
  8. Now you could be in trouble. The border is NOT the place to apply for restoration. Do you have a new LMO and job offer? Are you visa exempt to the United States or do you already have a US visa? If you don't have these things, DO NOT GO TO THE BORDER.
  9. Agreed that she should not go to the border if she wants to restore. She may not be let back in.

    If some of her children are on study permit for high school or lower stages and she is paying tuition for them because of her lack of status, she could benefit from adding them as dependants on her work permit but she can only do that if she is under a skilled NOC. If the children are at colleges or universities, they will still have to pay international student tuition.
  11. I am a US Citizen on a temporary visitors visa inside Canada and I now want to stay for the rest of the year, how would I apply for an extension with work permit?

    I don’t have a job offer as I am self employed sound engineer with work that comes in from the outside of Canada. I do have the funds to stay without need of job.. but I would like to work in a couple of venues to pass the time.

    I have been on the cic sites but there information is very vague

    Any advice would be most appreciated, thanks...
  12. The worst thing that could happen is that they say you are out of status and they do not trust that you will not overstay if they give you another TRV. They might then detain you and deport you to your homeland. I have no idea how likely that is to happen.
  13. And if don't have a valid Canadian visa and are US visa exempt, you are going to be messed up at the border. Apply for restoration and a new work permit online. they are processing very fast in Vegreville these days.
  14. Any advice would be most appreciated

  15. This is a bit tricky because in order to get a work permit, you need to have a job offer from a Canadian employer. You can extend your visitor visa but it will not allow you to work in Canada and you can not live in Canada as a visitor long term. You could try for a student visa but you would have to study then. You can look at the CIC website for a way to get PR but most of them require a job offer.

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