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Applying OHIP on Landing

Discussion in 'Health' started by dialsaurabh, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Hello - I have been granted permanent residency to Canada. I currently reside in US. I shall be going to Toronto, Ontario to get PR card and I'm planning to visit canada for couple of days and then returning to US. I shall return to canada after few months. I have some questions concerning OHIP card and would appreciate your feedback.

    OHIP card requires proof of residency and an original bank statement is an acceptable proof. I plan to open a bank account on the day I land, but I think a bank statement would be mailed to my residence only after 1 month.

    1. Would I be able to take my bank opening papers issued by the bank on that day to an OHIP service center and would that be acceptable OR they just want an original bank statement?

    2. Secondly, I came across following text as eligibility:
    "be physically present in Ontario 153 days in any 12-month period."

    Does this mean
    I'll be able to apply only after 153 days of residing in Canada OR I can apply as soon as I land but I won't be able to use it before 153 days.

    3. How long would it take for them to mail OHIP card to the specified address ?

    4.If I'm out of Canada for more then 153 days(the very first time before I return to Canada), will the insurance be cancelled automatically ?
  2. Were you going to use the bank statement as proof of residency? If so it has to be a statement that was mailed to you showing your address on the letter or envelope.

    This is from their website:
  3. You can apply when you want to but you will not get your OHIP card until you have lived in ON for 3 months.

    For some people, it ends up being very hard to prove that they live in Ontario. They show up with a bank statement, OHIP says that only proves that you told the bank to send it to this address, doesn't mean you live there. They show up with a lease, OHIP says that only proves that you rent an apartment, not that you live there. Maybe you will not have any problems. Good luck.

    If they are aware of you having left for too long then yes, you may lose it again.

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