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Applying for study permit whilst in Canada as a visitor.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by galiuk, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. I am currently in Canada as a visitor from the UK. I am looking to begin study in Canada by January 2014. Can I apply from inside Canada, or do I have to leave and apply from the UK?

    If I can apply from inside Canada do I have to send my application to the UK office? Will I have to leave Canada and go to POE to obtain the permit?

    By January my visitors visa will have ended, I have applied for a temporary foreign work visa, but have not received a response in the given 14 weeks. Should I leave for England and return once I have my study permit?

    I also have a common law partner here in Canada. Shall I emit that I have a common-law partner for my study permit application, so they have sufficient reason to believe I will leave? Or should I tell them so that I can begin to apply for PR whilst I am doing my studies?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. no can do. Have to apply from outside.

    Admitting to your relationship will probably complicate things for you.
  3. You can apply study permit inside of Canada.

    I did the same thing just a month ago. I successfully transferred my tourist status to Study permit by sending an application to LA CIC office, then my application was approved within 10 days.

    Wish you luck
  4. When did you changed your status ? Is it also possible nowadays? What docs were shown?
  5. "The following persons may apply from within Canada:

    Holders of valid work or study permits and their family members;
    Holders of temporary resident permits (TRPs) valid for a minimum of six months and their family members;
    Refugee claimants and persons subject to an unenforceable removal order;
    In-Canada permanent resident applicants and their family members who are members of the following classes, determined eligible for permanent residents (PR) status:
    live-in caregiver, spouse or common-law partner, protected persons, and humanitarian and compassionate considerations (H&C);
    Persons whose study permits were authorized by a visa office abroad, where the permit was not issued at a port of entry;
    Family members of athletes on a Canadian-based team, media representatives, members of the clergy, or military personnel assigned to Canada."

    source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5552ETOC.asp#5552E2
  6. Thanks for your help.

    I am going to apply for my student visa from England to be safe, as I have now over-extended my holiday visa in Canada.

    Once I get my student visa and begin to study can I then start to apply for PR?

    If I have said that I don't have a Canadian partner for application for my student visa but then say that I have had a canadian partner for 2/3 years (which I have) for my PR application, will they notice that discrepancy?

    My course is 3 years so wold you suggest waiting a year before I apply for PR?

    Also, does my Canadian partner have to earn over a certain amount per year in order to be my sponsor?

    Thanks again for any help!
  7. Don't do that. It's misrepresentation. And yes - CIC has access to all applications. If you lie about your status and CIC sees it (I don't see how they won't), you will likely find yourself with a refusal for the PR application and a two year ban from Canada. Don't lie - only bad things can come of this.

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