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Applying for a Young Person's BUNAC visa while waiting for PR

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by buddhadimple, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My other half and I are living in England and we've applied Outland for PR. The Sponsorship was approved 10 Sept 2010 but no word yet from London. It's a Common-Law application.

    I feel like I'm going to "lose it" any day now as I really, really don't like England (at all). The reason I'm here is because I met my partner in Canada while he was on a BUNAC non-student Visa. His Visa expired and I got an Ancestry Visa to live and work in the UK to live with him. I moved here in February 2009. He started University (he's 28) last year in September 2009 and is scheduled to enrol for this year tomorrow.

    The plan is that once we return to Canada, we both want to go back to University (I can't study here as a non-EU citizen, unless I want to pay an arm and a leg as an international student). The reason it's so frustrating here is because I work for a temp agency (since I can't commit as I don't know when the PR comes through), and each day is like groundhog day; again, and again, and again. Work, home, food, dishes, laundry, sleep. We can't afford to do anything (not that there's anything to do here other than pubs, clubs, and shopping) and well, basically, our standard of living in Canada was much, much, much, much better. We were both just so much happier.

    We were thinking of returning to Canada a bit early (like in the next two months) but he would probably lose his mind as he wouldn't have a daily routine (as he wouldn't be entitled to work) and I'd have to work for both of us while trying to upgrade some of my high school courses in preparation for University. Plus, he'd be missing out on valuable school work from the UK; not to mention the risk of not getting PR in time to apply for University in September 2011 in Canada. So what we were thinking is that since he is now a student, he could defer his course for a year and apply for a Bunac Student Work Visa for Canada. That way, he could return to school in England in Sept 2011 if the PR didn't come through by then for whatever freak reason, and he could work while in Canada and have a daily routine, and since he would still be a student at his current University, he could also transfer his program instead of applying as a brand new student in Canada and thus increase his chances of getting a seat straight away in Canada.

    If this is possible, what should we look out for? I know there's the possibility he might need an interview in London. Is this even possible (to apply for a visa while another one is in process?). If we're doing it for the purpose of "buying time" while we wait for PR, is that wrong (i.e. the BUNAC student visa is meant for people to take a break and return to school in the UK, but he has no intention of returning to school in the UK unless he has to)?

    Any advice, tips, things to look out for is much appreciated.
  2. Hi

    Not eligible with a Canadian partner for a Bunac visa.
  3. Damn. It was a long-shot. Guess we'll stick it out here. Thanks PMM.

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