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Application Status - Permanent Residence - FSW submitted to CIO, SYDNEY, CANADA

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Olabisi2010, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hi All,
    For those of in this forum that have completed the immigration process, I say A BIG CONGRATULATIONS as you begin a new rewarding life in Canada.
    For some of us still pursuing our dream of landing in Canada, I feel I should share the narration below with us.
    This flow explains each step in the application process.

    APPLICATION RECEIVED Application Received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
    We have received your application. After checking for completeness, a file has been created and the information from the application form was entered.
    Centralized Intake Office Sydney (CIO-S) ELIGIBILITY REVIEW COMPLETE Centralized Intake Office Sydney (CIO-S) - Eligibility Review Complete
    The review at the CIO-Sydney has been completed. A letter with additional information has been mailed.

    RECEIVED BY VISA OFFICE Received by Visa Office
    The application and documents have been received by the visa office.

    VISA OFFICE ELIGIBILITY REVIEW COMPLETE Visa Office - Eligibility Review Complete
    The review of the application and supporting documents has been completed at the visa office. A letter with additional information has been mailed.

    WITHDRAWN Application Withdrawn
    We withdrew your application and your file has been closed.

    IN PROCESS In Process
    Based on review of your complete application package, it has been determined that your application is eligible for processing.
    Processing has begun.

    (A decision has been made at this point.) Medical Results Received by CIC
    We have received your medical results. We will contact you only if additional tests are needed.

    Approval Status Determined
    Your application will be either approved or rejected. We will inform you of the decision in writing.

    Permanent Residence Status Determined
    If your application is approved, we will send you your permanent resident documentation and a letter saying what we need to finalize your permanent residence.

    (This is the last step in the processing of your application.) Applicant Arrives in Canada and is Granted Permanent Residence
    You will need to meet with an Immigration Officer who will verify your documents and grant you permanent residence if all is in order

    I hope this will clarify some concerns constantly agitating our minds and help guide our expectations as we await our numerous positive responses from CIO and CHC by God’s grace. Amen.
  2. Thank you Olabisi..

    This is really useful.

  3. Hi Iceberg,

    We are all here on this forum to assist each other.


  4. That's true my friend.
  5. hi there ...

    how long its standard to change from "Application received" to "In process"?
    Visa office: Damascus

    please share your information if there is

  6. Hi Kia,

    I have almost the same case and dates as you. My application status is also Application Received, did you get any updates on your question?

  7. Hi all,
    I have submitted my documents for PR visa under FSW on 22nd sep 2011, it reached CIO canada on 30th sep 2011. Please let me know how many days it takes for me to get an acknowledgement.
    thanks in advance
  8. u will get email from CIO in 20-60 days from the day ur Bank Draft /Credit Card is encashed

    Check whether ur Bank Draft / Credit Card has been encashed...
  9. thank you very much dear..
    I am a Indian citizen, staying in uk. i have submitted a foreign/international draft from lloyds tsb bank. could you please let me know how do we know that the draft is en-cashed or not ?
  10. You have to call Lloyds TSB. They will confirm from their system that whether it has been encashed or not...
  11. hi dear...

    my amount has not been encashed yet...could u pls let me know generally how many daya to encash...?

    application send tocic on sep 22.reached to cic on 30th sep...

    thank you

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