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American visiting Canada for 6 months

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Tatonya, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. I’m a Canadian citizen my boyfriend who is an American citizen wants to come up and visit me for 6 months. Our plan is for me to fly down to Minnesota then we are going to drive back up into Canada together.

    What do we need to bring with us to make the boarder crossing easier? Do they question you a lot if you say you’re staying for six months? I know we will have to convince the boarder agent that he will leave after the six months. He has been going to school for two years and is just taking a year off before going back to finish his degree next summer. What documentation are they going to ask for? How much money will he be expect to have access to? He will be living with me and I make enough to cover both of our expenses for the six months.

    Any advice on what documents we should bring or how we should state our case would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Bring anything and everything that you can think of that will prove he has ties to the US. Reasons to go back, etc.

    Proof of funds (his savings and your earnings). He will not be able to work, so will have to prove that he can support himself, and that you wouldn't be put in the poorhouse feeding, entertaining and clothing him.

    You will definitely be asked a lot of questions. BE HONEST! Criminal background checks will be done.
  3. I am a canadian citizen in Toronto.
    My mother in law is living in in USA as a US Green card holder.
    She wanna visit to me for one year.then she might try to extend her stay as well???
    Can she visit to me on a USA Green Card ??
    How long can stay with me and my wife.??
  4. Hi mdmm,

    Green card holders from the US are visa exempt but visitors are normally just allowed 6 months stay in Canada. I don't know if there is a way to extend this visit, but your Mom could always exit then just come back again.
  5. Thank you very much.
    She can walk iinside home but is not very healthy to walk longer to go back after six month then come back.she will come by air to Toronto from Los angeles.If i try to extand her stay in Toronto, does she need any Visa/permission without going back to USA ???
    Or what will happen if she over stay for a few months more than six months.
    I wouil appreciate ant practical advice?
  6. hi mdmm,

    answered this in another thread. hope it helps.
  7. Yes.
    Thanks a lot
  8. Sounds like you want here to live here with you. Couple of problems:

    1) Can not be a Permanent Resident without a visa;
    2) Americans may believe that she is living in another country and strip her of her US status.
  9. I am an us green card holder and have a valid polish passport. Can I buy my air ticket from Turkey and enter to Canada without any problem??
  10. Posted reply in another thread.

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