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AINP application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by johanpg, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Hello,
    I am a civil engineer under a TWP valid for 2 years. Me and my employer are ready to submit the:
    1) Application for Provincial Nomination (ABPNP 003)
    2) Employer and Worker Application (ABNP 005).

    The ABPNP 003 requires a photocoy of the following completed application forms from CIC to issue a PNP Nomination:
    1. IMM 0008 Generic
    2. IMM 0008 Schedule 1
    3. IMM 0008 Schedule 4
    4. IMM 5406
    5. IMM 5476 (if applicable).

    My question is: Do I need to sent these 5 CIC forms to "CIC" at the same time I submit them to the AINP, or I have to wait for the AINP Nomination and then send these CIC forms to CIC ??

    Thank you,
  2. I have no idea so I suggest you phone them and ask. Contact info at http://www.albertacanada.com/immigration/contactus.html

    Then come back and tell us so we'll know next time somebody asks that same question :)
  3. You only need to send copies of the CIC forms to PNP... once you get the approval of the province you'll need to send the original forms to CIC...
    See below "CIC forms – please submit photocopies to the AINP"


    I hope this helps

  4. In line with this, should I send "proof" documents i.e. bank accounts, certificate of marriage etc. as I send out the photocopies of CIC related documents? Note that I am currently at the phase where I got the invitation from Alberta and I am preparing the forms to send out to Gingie (Alberta)...

  5. Johnpg

    You are NOT required to send in the CIC forms at this point in time. Alberta only wants you to fill them now and keep the originals while you send them a copy for their own records. They expect you to forward all the filled forms to CIC as soon as they issue you with a nomination certificate.

    It saves time and avoids inconsistencies.

    The logic here is that you can not send in a PNP application to CIC unless and until you are a nominee of a province. When you apply to alberta, you are not yet a nominee and can not be eligible to submit a PNP application to CIC.

    Good luck John.

    Olu (alberta H1B nominee...lol)

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